India Think Tank

India’s Think Tanks Can Be Truly Effective.

A think tank is a body of experts who provide advice and ideas on specific political, economic, cultural, technological and military related issues. India stands fourth on footing in the number of think tanks in the world. Several of Indian think tanks usually feature in the annual Global Go To Think Tank Index. Some think […]

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and India Strategic Partnership Instantly

Saudi Arabia is a gulf country endowed with huge reserves of oil. It is the largest exporter of oil in the world, so it is but natural for all the nations in the world to develop a strong coherent relationship with this country. India is also in the race to establish strategic relations with Saudi […]

Significance of Nepal For India And China

Significance of Nepal for India and China

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia sharing its borders with China in the north and India on three other sides. The country is separated from Bangladesh by the Indian Siliguri Corridor. The Indian state of Sikkim separates Nepal from Bhutan. Located in the Central Himalayas, Nepal is home to the Mount Everest, world’s […]

india climate change

India’s stand on Climate Change

Climate change is the most loathsome and horrendous issue the entire world is confronting at this moment. Earth’s average temperature is increasing at a disturbing rate and every one of the nations with their pioneers are required to meet up to tackle this issue. Environmentalists are raising their concerns and are viewing the pioneers to […]