Data Privacy

DATA PRIVACY: Data is the new resource not less valuable than any other resources

Data Privacy: In contemporary times, it is data that drives us, our day to day activities and what not. Data is the new resource not less valuable than any other resources. We are so surrounded by data and yet fail to recognize how much importance it holds. These are the times of information overload where […]


Humanity will never forgive manual scavenging

Humanity: Manual scavenging is the removal, disposal of human excreta of a person by another person, in the most bold terms. It involves cleaning of sewers, dry-latrines, gutters, drains, septic tanks, etc. manually. The people who do this work are called ‘manual scavengers’. Manual scavengers are those unfortunate people who have been doing this work […]

Land Reforms

Land Reforms Ownership & the way forward

Land Reforms Ownership & the way forward India is the seventh largest country in the World in terms of landmass although not everyone in the country has access to land. Even if one has access, our complex land ownership rules make things difficult. Since the British Raj, people like small farmers, labourers have just suffered […]

Dholes are extincting

Dholes are extincting

Dholes are extincting : Human beings have made a lot of progress in the past decades. Consequently our equation with the environment has also changed. However, this change has not been so progressive. Since industrial times, humans have led the world to achieve massive growth of industries, even agricultural development resulting in tremendous food production […]

knowledge economy trillion economy

Knowledge Economy for 5-Trillion Economy

Knowledge Economy for 5-Trillion Economy: Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid out the mission to make India a $5-trillion economy by 2024. We are a $2.7 trillion economy currently at the end of FY19. To reach this goal of 5 trillion club growth of 8-9% would be required in the years ahead. Achieving this kind of […]


BSNL and MTNL Impacts of Merger

The government has decided to merge the two PSUs – BSNL and MTNL. The move clearly indicates the willingness of the government to boost up the loss-making undertakings as well as reassures the importance of the two telecom companies. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited as known to everyone, were running […]


RCEP Dangerous for India

Why is RCEP dangerous for India – especially for Agricultural and Dairy Sectors. Over the past few weeks we have witnessed many farmers’ protests against India joining the RCEP. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is said to be the world’s biggest trade agreement since it involves countries who are engaged in a huge percentage of […]