Climatology (Atmosphere, Weather & Climate)

The present book, “Atmosphere, Weather and Climate” is an attempt to integrate the various needs. It is an amalgamation of the diverse concepts and terms that constitute the subject, Climatology. The approach taken is firmly based on sound scientific principles. The emphasis is on the simplification of the concepts. Therefore, the book has been designed. The layout and make-up of the pages is such that students belonging to different categories can use it alike. Essential scientific models, concepts and terms (particularly, for deeper knowledge of the subject) are explained in boxed sections which are separated from the text in order to facilitate the use of the book with wide academic background and interest. Special attention has been paid to the simplification of the language.
The book is intended to be a complete textbook on Climatology, for graduation and post graduation level for all the Indian Universities. The Book is useful and popular for the climatology section of the syllabus of the Union Civil Services as well as State PCS for Preparation for Geography optional.