Insolation | By K.Siddhartha

Insolation: #Energy flows from the Sun and interacts with the #Earth’s atmosphere and surface in a complex manner to give rise eventually to the #climatic_zones of the Earth. #Heat_storage and transport are also involved, the best way to explain how the Earth is getting warmer and cooler is to follow the path of sunlight from the top of the atmosphere and describe what effect it has on its journey to the #Earth’s surface. After it is received on the Earth it behaves thus
As the beam of Sunlight enters the #atmosphere:

  • It first passes through the magnetosphere
    • The shortest wavelenghts comprising of alpha, beta and gamma rays are absorbed or deflected.
  • Ionosphere traps #X_Rays
    • This input causes the atoms to be ionised.
  • The ultraviolet rays are absorbed by stratosphere
    • Ozone effectively absorbs it
    • Removes it from the #radiation spectrum.
  • The stratosphere, is thus, warmed in the process.

Most of the insolation is now comprising of visible range as the shorter wavelength rays have been already absorbed.
The atmosphere is transparent to the different #wavelengths of incoming #solar_radiation