Lakshadweep Islands | By K.SIDDHARTHA

Lakshadweep Islands

These islands were earlier known as Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands.
• Location:
o These are scattered in the Arabian Sea.
o These islands are located at a distance of 280 km-480 km off the Kerala coast.
• Origin: The entire island group is built of coral deposits.
• Important islands:
o Amindivi and Cannanore islands in the north.
o Minicoy (lies to the south of the nine-degree channel) is the largest island.
Lakshadweep Islands -
• Chief Characteristics:
o These consist of approximately 36 islands of which 11 are inhabited.
o These islands, in general, have a north-south orientation (only Androth has an East-West orientation.
o These islands are never more than 5 metres above sea level.
o These islands have calcium-rich soils- organic limestones and a scattered vegetation of palm species.
o One typical feature of these islands is the formation of the crescentic reef in the east and a lagoon in the west.
o Their eastern seaboard is steeper.
o The Islands of this archipelago have storm beaches consisting of unconsolidated pebbles, shingles, cobbles and boulders on the eastern seaboard.
The islands forming the smallest Union Territory of India is given a thrust to boost tuna fishing and to promote ‘Lakshadweep Tuna’ as a brand apart from its tourism development.