Indo Pacific as the new strategy | Its meaning for India & World | CSTV

There was a time before the cold war when the centre of gravity of the universe was across the Atlantic i.e. trade was actually transiting from the Atlantic but now it has shifted.
It was about a decade ago that the world started talking about the Indo-Pacific but its rise has been quite significant.
One of the reasons behind has ben the understanding that the Indian Ocean and the Pacific are a linked strategically and are not to be seen dualistically.
Moreover, the centre of gravity has shifted to Asia. And Majority of the world’s trade passes through these oceans linked at South East Asis
The earlier term used to be Asia-Pacific, from which India was excluded.
The shift to the term ‘Indo-Pacific’ shows the significance of India in the new construct.

The Indo-Pacific region includes world’s four big economies: USA, China, Japan and India.

However, The term ‘Indo-Pacific’ is interpreted differently by different stakeholders.

Amb Vishnu Prakash and Shri K siddhartha discussing on the significance of this new strategic construct, and how will it affect the world and India together.