About Ensemble IAS Academy

More popular as ENSEMBLE, Ensemble Education Innovations Pvt. Ltd. was established with the objective of Career Planning, Career development, Career enrichment and to encourage education through coaching, training, teaching and mentoring, career counselling and develop research and scientific innovation in education, so that our country may be able to generate quality human resource. ENSEMBLE has evolved a variety of strategies and variety of programmes equipped to solve various problems in a customized manner. The organisation has been involved in various places for a variety of ex-situ training.

Philosophy and Core Values

Ensemble is an academic and training organization, which keeps education and educational transformation at its core. It believes that the end of education is character.

In intent, in mannerism, in essence in everything, our core value in improving the student is reflected and that’s why it’s a mentoring-based organisation first and anything else later. Consequently, the student is expected to deposit himself or herself to the institute rather than think of themselves as a consumer.

Ensemble is not just Civil Services Institute. It is the name of a value-based system, a true educational endeavour, whose pride is always in making all out efforts to reform you to bring the best in you provided you are a sincere or committed learner. The whole country recognises us for this commitment.

Over years, Ensemble has developed a complete guidance and support system solely aimed at making you qualify the Civil Services Examinations. For more than 20 years, Ensemble has been analysing in great depth the trends and patterns of these competitive examinations. The changes that have taken place in the Civil Services examination over the past 15 years have enabled us to constantly evolve newer and more effective approaches to guide aspirants towards success. More than 1553 students have already qualified with our highly focused and result oriented strategy. More than 50 of them secured a Rank within All India Top-10. The results of so many years are obviously not a coincidence. They reflect our quality and commitment. Commitment to stay on top year after year with the same quality, has given this identity. This is the secret to such impressive results. We always set our goal to make you one of the top rankers and not merely to make you clear the examination. We demand an uncompromising commitment both from the faculty and the aspirant to achieve this goal, without compromising on our value loaded education.

The students at Ensemble benefit from a well-structured scientific course plan that begins from dealing with the basics first, moving on to the main course and finally on to the Quality Improvement Programme. All the courses are supplemented by Short Smart Study (SSS).

Our Digital Education Component gives the IAS aspirants a complete range of whatever they require for their knowledge, learning and approach, i.e., a complete chapter, its documentary and animation, multimedia enhanced video, synopsis of the chapter, possible range of questions, its Current Affairs extension, Related graphics and view of important personalities and their interview.

  1. Scientific and structured course plan.
  2. Enormously rich study material.
  3. Gripping and Enriching class lectures to build a conceptual base and develop a perspective.
  4. Varied tests to test varied capabilities.
  5. Online and Digital support.

Scientific and Structured Course Plan

Ensemble covers all the essential areas of the CSE preparation, be it preparing the mindset of candidates, their perspective enhancement, improving their learning capabilities, easing their preparation, and capping their preparation. Then the topics are dealt exhaustively with lucid lectures, precise synopsis of class and enriched study materials. The topics are treated with the probable questions in view, so that the students cover the most important areas most rigorously while avoiding all that is unnecessary. This type of focus helps attain great results in a relatively shorter period of time.

Classroom coverage is followed by Doubt-solving Discussions and the end session by Quality Improvement Programme. We finally provide a list of probable questions to the aspirants and discuss them in a special session of QIP.

The scientific course plan is not only about the Civil services curriculum, but designed in a way that the Curriculum, if followed rigorously by the students is bound to give 100% result.

Enormously rich study material

UPSC Examinations are fast changing. The key to do well now is to cover the essential areas exhaustively with latest information and an analysis that also shows, the administrative mindset of the candidate.

ENSEMBLE is the only institute for Civil Services that does not only bank upon the compiled study materials but books and that too designed books that not only give inspired reading, but they make the entire learning process very interesting also. The text books and study materials (SSS) are prepared under the guidance of the Academic Head with our teachers, a dedicated team of researchers who work constantly work with hundreds of books, journals & other reference resources. This dedicated effort delivers you a synthesis of all relevant concepts and information at one place for the examination, beyond which the candidates are not required to study anything.

The best way to utilize these study materials is to follow the instructions given in the offline or online lectures or documentaries and then supplement them with it.

Enriching Class and Mentoring Process

Our class proceeds according to a pre-decided plan and structure. The students are provided with a provisional schedule in advance. Nevertheless, certain built-in flexibility is there to accommodate the learning issues of specific students. Active student participation is strongly encouraged. Teachers not only take care of systematisation and simplicity of the lectures, but they also go on to incorporate a large range of visual and multimedia tools to impart crystal clear understanding of the subject. ENSEMBLE was the first to introduce multimedia’s based classes.

Varied Tests and Assignments

The students are given assignments at regular interval to check whether they are following the directions of concept, analysis, language and presentation, i.e., whether they are on the right back or not. The end of session is followed first by Quality Improvement Programme and then a test to set them on a right path for their preparation that will be away from the daily interaction at the Institute.

Pre and Post Class Support

Ensemble is the only institute in India that provides you with a pre and post coaching support online.

The pre coaching support comprises filling up of gaps in their school education to the maximum and equipping the candidates with all necessary concepts and information in an audio-visual form so that they can take maximum advantage of coaching that they are planning.

The post coaching support comes in the form of providing access to unlimited knowledge, all articles, all concepts and all analysis which the candidate can swallow to embark upon for their IAS Mains examination.


Core team

ENSEMBLE, today attracts some of the best teachers from Delhi’s coaching fraternity, premier universities and research institutions. The academic team is led by Dr. S. Mukherjee, who herself happens to be an author of over a dozen books on Geography. The Academic team comprises of Chief Mentor, Mentors, and visiting faculty. The committed team of academics is known for:

  • Specialised knowledge of the subject that is well structured.
  • Deep insight into the topics they specialize.
  • Interdisciplinary approach towards the subject.
  • A teaching methodology focused on simplified explanation of concepts that make the chapter and developing an analytical understanding.
  • They are adept in conventional style of teaching as well as in the use of modern pedagogy. The modern pedagogy comprises of the use of power point, use of electronic board and animation techniques.

Visiting Honorary Guests

The core team is supplemented by a pool of visiting Honorary guests, whose involvement is only honorary. The distinguished Guest Lecturers include Retired IAS, IPS, IRS officers; Academicians of world repute and field specialists like journalists, corporate groups. These officers possess a highly specialised knowledge of the topics either by virtue of their specialisation or by experience. Some of these have been drawn on the basis of their experience and some of them have been our students. Their specialised sessions are meant not only to impart knowledge, but also to motivate and to share such insights, which come only after going through the whole examination process successfully. These sessions go a long way in pushing the students closer to their final destination.

Specialists are also chosen from Universities. Ensemble has good faculties from Delhi University, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, IIT, Delhi, Jamia Milia Islamia and Punjab University.

Retired IAS, IPS, RS officers, Psychologists, motivational trainers and Interview experts come to guide our students on interview techniques and presentation skills. While people from Administration share insights and experiences about the Service and thus, the interactive sessions have a profound motivational impact on the students, the psychologists prepare them to know their shortcomings, and take corrective measures to annul them.


ENSEMBLE is a team of 30+ researchers and writers to support the entire academic team in development of examination-oriented study materials and some original works as well. It is due to the passionate hard work of this team, that ENSEMBLE students have almost never needed to study anything else besides what they got – and have gone on to secure top ranks in IAS.

Chief Mentor (Shri K. Siddhartha)

The Academic Head (Dr. Smt S. Mukherjee)

Dr. Smt S. Mukherjee is the director of ENSEMBLE IAS Academy. ENSEMBLE IAS Academy has been one of the four topmost institutes for civil services aptitude test classes in Delhi. Before getting herself involved in the McMillan projects of completing 60 books on geography, she has authored some of the best-selling books on Geography that include Cities Urbanisation and Urban Systems, Economic Geography, Indian Industry, and A Modern Dictionary of Geography. She is the best-known face for teaching Geography and guiding students to acquire writing skills par excellence. She is an epitome of simplicity, a teacher by heart, and a true geographer. ENSEMBLE would never have reached the position where it is now without her contribution.

Mentors, Teachers, Trainers and Coaches and Visiting Faculties

Shri B.L. Vohra, IPS retd.Internal Security
Dr. Vikram Singh, IPS retd.Internal Security and Ethics
Shri Vivek Atray, IAS retd.Ethics and Integrity
Shri K. SiddharthaScience & Technology, Geography, Environment, Heritage, International Relations, Ethics
Dr. Smt S. MukherjeeGeography
Dr. Prabhat KumarIndian Polity
Dr. Shri  Adarsh KumarLaw, Public Administration
Guest facultiesFor various subjects

ENSEMBLE’s Approach to IAS

The Civil Service Examination differs from the traditional university-type examinations very fundamentally. Consequently, the technique of preparation must differ to suit the specific needs of this examination. While work for most university examinations can be done at a comfortable and sometimes at a slow pace, a candidate for the CSE does not have much time at his/her disposal and the amount of tasks to be disposed of within this short span of time is truly enormous. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for these examinations within a short time entirely without any support and on one’s own pace.

Understanding the complexity of this challenge, Ensemble follows an approach that is totally in tune with the requirements of these examinations. Ensemble believes that the only way a candidate can be made to qualify Civil Services examination is by enjoying the entire of his/her study period/preparation period. Ensemble believes in the mentoring process of the candidates, rather than emphasising on teaching separate chapters. This is done by reforming the thinking of the candidates, teach them what is desired, rather than what will make them easy going. It always emphasises on the prospective building of the candidates.

The Approach

  • ENSEMBLE has formed a team of mentors, teachers, trainers and coaches with an unparallel quality.
  • ENSEMBLE has studied the minds of UPSC examiners, the minds of question setters to prepare what is demanded by the UPSC and has moulded itself accordingly.
  • The study material is given to the students at the outset so that the students can find themselves at ease to go for cross references.
  • Unlike the ‘bazaar’ notes, the study material is designed, with colour insertions and plates.
  • The course and the study material are kept updated to keep pace with the changing trends of the examination.
  • The lectures are simplified, evoking student’s interest in the various areas of knowledge and imparting a picture like view of the various themes to be studied.
  • A timely assignment at intervals to test the student’s understanding and expression in various areas.
  • The students are extensively trained on how to present answers effectively and how to create an impression among thousand other competitors.
  •  The institutes approach is mentoring based, seeking to reform the candidate from inside. The institute offers an emotional milieu within which the students can really be passionate about their performance.
  •  All these dimensions of guidance are carefully taken care of during every session which proceeds strictly as per the schedule of work given to the students. In the long term, this scientific process of examination-oriented training coupled with a truly traditional method of mentoring results in saving a lot of precious time and maximization of a candidate’s efficiency.
  • Post the classes, the students are given complete preparation support that includes:
    1. Emails of all the recent changes and current affairs matter.
    2. Links of animation and multimedia driven video documentary and chapters.
    3. Books and recent questionnaire and model answers that will be posted to the candidates periodically.


ENSEMBLE has a very enriched experiences of teaching for Civil Services aspirants, enriched a long experience of training Civil Services aspirants. It has been able to achieve result of more than 1553 Civil Servants. It is a name which is known for its honesty, sincerity and quality fully devoted to catering to students’ needs, be it information, knowledge or personality. ENSEMBLE has K. Siddhartha as its Chief Mentor.

In the last twenty years, 50 of our students have secured ranks in the Top 10 of the Civil Services Examination. Every Geography student that topped the Civil Services examination with the topmost rank belonged to ENSEMBLE. Such a track record rightly makes Ensemble one of the Top Most IAS Examination ‘coaching institutes’ in the country.

At ENSEMBLE, we do not claim the results despite having had a hand, and coaching institutes only go on to have a hand. However, all these results show our ability, our commitment and quality, the quality of the teachers, teaching technology. The members of our teaching team have been drawn from the best institutes of Delhi and from the country.

ENSEMBLE has believed that the only way a candidate can be made to qualify Civil Services examination is by enjoying the entire of his/her study period/preparation period.

Ensemble believes in the mentoring process of the candidates, rather than emphasising on coaching. This is done to reform the thinking of the candidates, teach them what is desired rather than what will make them happy. It always emphasises on the perspective building of the candidates.