ENSEMBLE is composed many organizations, many associations, many initiatives that  are transformative, innovative and work cross-culturally that is dedicated to supporting students in their transformation to leaders of 21st century. What makes us special and keeps us moving forward – our shared commitment to excellence.

The students can pick up various avenues that we offer.


Ensemble’s faculty members are a chosen lot from dint streams and experiences, from Bureaucracy. From Journalism, from Academics and even from day to day life. Ensemble offers modern classrooms and field training milieu to help students make a difference in students career. Ensemble will train students to pick up teaching for Civil Services and be a visiting speaker in different universities.


Students who discover themselves that they are more suited to academics are given variety of opportunities to pursue academics which is emerging as a future career in India as well as abroad. This includes helping the students to relearn many facets such as lecturing and improving their speech, lacing their speech with something motivational, using pedagogy, Writing articles and books and recording videos. Based on our advisors, and the panel members, the candidate will start mastering a subject after he has been coached to qualify for GRE, to write articles in newspapers, books and monologues. He/she will be given recommendations by the scholars and academicians of repute to facilitate admission in the topmost universities of the world.


Entry into Indian politics will be suggested based not on the basis of academic excellence of the candidate, rather on his/her attitude, organisational ability, capacity to build bonds and understanding of the society. The candidates will then be directed to pick up a constituency and will be given all backup support in perception management, sponsorship by business houses, constituency management, mentoring by sitting Members of Parliament and crowd management.


Candidates having business orientation will undergo rigorous training for CAT and SAT by the best trainers drawn from the well-known institutes and Individual trainers. Ensemble also helps students enter a startup business, help them mentor to start business, provide them and aid them with networking to take advantage of each other and organize constant congregations to build their own social capital.


Students who are logical, have a flair for writing, and are ready to convert their pen into a weapon, will be trained to write newspaper articles, edit a book, prepare investigative reports, and then, will be recommended and sent to the best media academies across India including India Today, Zee School of Business.

The motto is to provide proper training on attitude and knowledge. The students who are best fitted for the job will be picked up, given the best training available in the country and sent to the best places for further training. When their interest and entertainment becomes their profession, and they have been subjected to best possible training in their attitude, they are bound to excel in that field. In fact, they are the people who will change the country and thus be known throughout the world.