The Best Books for Geography for UPSC

For aspirants preparing for the UPSC exams, the most crucial thing is to choose a subject which has an overlapping part with General Studies. Geography is a scoring optional with a sizeable overlapping portion in General Studies, especially in Paper 1 and prelims. UPSC questions are no longer static; one must write the application and current affairs in their answers to get a good score.

Ensemble IAS Academy provides you with the best and most comprehensive books on the subject, which are popular amongst students preparing for UPSC and State PSC exams.

If you are looking for the best books for GS Geography or the Geography Optional UPSC, we have the right solutions for you – bringing K.Siddhartha’s books like Geography through Maps and Geography Optional UPSC books.

Some of the popular geography books for UPSC mains and prelims authored by K. Siddhartha are the following:

  • Geography through Maps
  • Basic Physical Geography
  • A Modern Dictionary of Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • History & Heritage through Maps
  • Climatology Atmosphere, Weather & Climate
  • Oceanography – A Brief Introduction
  • Models & Theories in Geography

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