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Ensemble Education Innovations Pvt. Ltd. welcomes you for a partnership opportunity.

Ensemble, founded by the legendary K Siddhartha, is a trusted brand and a pioneer in education, personality development and career progression in India. We are notably known for maintaining high-quality standards through our unique user interface and user experience. We have been sustaining and preserving our USP, which is to produce the most authentic and updated young minds and souls.

Today, Ensemble is among the top institutions in India. It has produced 100s of personalities who are serving in the Indian Civil Services during the last 20 years or so.

Our strategic B2B partnerships with some powerful e-commerce companies like Amazon and strong network in the publication sector has benefited not only us but also our associates. Through our business partnership programs, we help a company increase its revenue, create brand awareness and expand its reach.

Ensemble partners with companies, governments, international development agencies, charitable foundations and individuals, to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network that creates impact for underserved young aspirants.

Ensemble brings together members and partners with aligned goals to create change for young aspirants at speed and at scale. We do this by drawing on the unique ability of the network to learn, innovate and share the diverse expertise and knowledge that make our members effective individually and powerful collectively.

Our network includes a wide range of strategic institutions and our aim is to cross-promote each other in providing the best deals to the end-consumer. We welcome partnership requests but we intend to partner with businesses that offer our users just what they want from us.

Ensemble always upholds the business of its associates and prioritize their business needs. We have a flexible platform which is supervised by dedicated relationship managers. Ensemble currently is managing three centres in India and is planning to expand further in the coming months.

Our relationship managers are ready to help you identify new opportunities to retain and grow your user base.

Requirements for new partners:

– Space, at least 2000 sft for classrooms, back office, lobby etc.
– Well furnished, smart boards, other teaching aids
– Location – anywhere in India
– Back office manpower, non-teaching staff

Ensemble Education Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Deliverables from Ensemble:

Well qualified and trained faculty
Study Materials
Online courses
Publicity Support


We are so excited to partner with your business to help it grow, we will give you the best services.

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