Psychological and Career Dilemma Solutions for Students of Any Stream.


  1. To Counsel for students who are struggling with their career
  2. To help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and consequently identify best suited career stream for them.
  3. To provide mentorship to them and also an ecosystem to the candidates to have a higher degree of self-understanding.
  4. To assist parents in guiding their children
  5. Personality development with an emphasis on self-understanding and with an objective to make the students.
  • Independent in thinking
  • More balanced in thinking
  • Help them develop and ability to differentiate between wrong and right
  • Train them in process of logic out certain thoughts
  • To help create a new breed of Nationalist
  1. To counsel and guide students to resolve their mental issues related to personal and professional aspects.



  1. Students Counselling
  2. Monthly Manmitra sessions (open conversation sessions with students)
  3. Complete career guidance with psychiatric evaluation
  4. Interaction with senior personalities and achievers to encourage students
  5. Career workshops.
  6. Success story showcase
  7. Complete psychological and career assistance to Civil Services Aspirants


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