To help create an alternative career, a sustainable career (and brand them) for the best talents in the country that have not been valued by UPSC, by identifying them, selecting them, and providing access to a platform of power, influence which they can use to follow in 21st century India in an emerging Gig economy.

To train and insert the insight on Policy making and Politics as career, Public Speaking as a Career, Thought Leader as Career, Policy Interventionist all of which will be hot careers in 10 years of time.

For whom it is

For all candidates who are enormously talented, but are underutilized in their talent and who think they have spent their talent but are unable to understand themselves, understand their strengths, understand a roadmap for their  aspirational future.

Rationale behind the forum

Talent management by giving them a direction to change India and participate in changing India,

Stages of Development

1st Stage-Categorisation of and strength, weakness identification through a test and Conversation.

2nd Stage-Revisiting Knowledge and Perception Management tool

  1. Understanding the nuances of expression as a means of forging social capital.
  • Understanding the power of words and sentences,
  • induce expression enhancement,
  1. Perception Balance.
  2. Using Observational Learning
  3. Learning Reverse planning

4th Stage- Improvement and Course Correction

  1. Monologue preparation for structure and organisation of knowledge and thinking.
  2. Identification of Issues from topics and their presenataion.
  3. Two transparent topics a day.
  4. Completion of books and its intellectual exchange.
  5. Each one teach one

3rd  Stage- Enhancing Personal Brand And Capital

  1. Group effort and Peer Learning
  1. Create followers & experiment one topic each day.
  2. Weekly event write up for observational aspects into transformational writing

5th Stage- Events and Glamour

  1. Holding a show, an event and
  2. Negotiation Skills with different class of people.
  3. Making yourself as a brand
  4. Start your own brand
  5. Be a problem solver
  6. Help people in problems

6th Stage- Intensification effort

  • Taking an Interview
  • Organise A symposium, SOIL., and Rendezvous
  • Form a Real Conversation Club in your native place or place of your choice
  • Form a literary and knowledge Club


ACHIEVERS CLUB aims at bringing a qualitative change, a value loaded enrichment of analytical ability by enhancing their thinking ability, diversifying the perspective of the youth, and bringing them issues, information and agendas from 360° angle.

ACHIEVERS CLUB offers a customized value loaded service to different grade of youth having different levels of learning and assimilating abilities.

One of the major aims of ACHIEVERS CLUB aim is bringing about holistic awareness about the social political environment around them and everything happening in the country in every sphere.

Activities and Gains for participants




Weekly or fortnightly interactive meeting summit do discuss issues, abstract concepts issues concerning youth, current affairs and personal issues. Weekly up gradation of information and analysis
KNOWLEDGE SHARING Fortnightly Book review and its synopsis by the members themselves who will not only share the book but also the controversy and concepts surrounding it through debate sometimes aided by an expert. Enables members to study two books monthly without actually studying it, and only joining the forum.
RESOURCE AVAILABILITY Distribution of resource in printed format to members and online availability of the book synopsis i.e. copy. Eases the efforts to collect any material.
ORATION AND PUBLIC SPEAKING Public speaking skill development while delivering discourse on various books, and topics.

Put lectures in identified Colleges Universities and Public Forums

Confidence building by exposing the audience to a diverse group of audiences, and to make them a cosmopolitan audience. Raising the communication level to a high level through intense interaction
SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE AND EXPANSION Make your own Film, Programmed, Monologues and Blogs To bolster the individual branding by helping them organize lectures online, make their own series of film, complete a series of lectures for a niche course, learn ways to make the course popular

To provide accessibility to the candidates with people in power influence and aura.

IDENTITY Helping members to compile books, monologues and articles, which WE will publish it for them to give them a distinct identity and a regular income from the book.


To give a distinct individuality to members by publishing their work, developing orating skills, inculcating a distinct flavour of thinking and strengthening it, so that it pays a definite dividend in terms of branding the individual.

Members have a sense of achievement, lifts self-esteem.

FIELD TRAINING Organised trip learning through awareness campaign. Development of leadership qualities.
THOUGHT LEADERSHOP TRAINING Tips on Interview, motivational training and Personality Development Developing Interview capabilities to face any person any time.
ATTACHMENT WITH INSTITUTIONS, PERSONALITIES AND IDEAS. To raise the level of interaction, communication and understanding of the functioning of country. To raise the level of influence of the candidates and bring them in contact with centres which can provide them with a life, leadership and career