Busting 5 Myths about UPSC by Ensemble IAS

The UPSC Civil Services exam is considered one of the toughest exams to crack in India. There are a few Myths that remain in the air which we are clearing in the article below. Find 5 myths and their facts by the Best Online UPSC Courses platform:

UPSC is only for those who are academically excellent: This is a common misconception about UPSC. Although a good academic background can certainly help, it is not a requirement for success in UPSC. The exam tests a candidate’s understanding of various subjects, general knowledge, and analytical skills.

English language proficiency is a must: While English is an important language and is used in the official language of the exam, candidates can choose to answer the exam in any of the recognized languages of India.

UPSC is an exam of cramming and memorizing: This is a common misconception about UPSC. The exam focuses on testing the candidate’s conceptual understanding, analytical abilities, and their ability to apply these concepts in real-life situations.

UPSC is a one-time opportunity: While it is true that the UPSC exam is held only once a year, candidates can take the exam multiple times until they reach the age limit or pass the exam.

UPSC syllabus is vast and impossible to cover: While the UPSC syllabus is vast, it is not impossible to cover. Candidates can break down the syllabus into smaller, manageable portions and prepare accordingly. Additionally, focusing on important topics and current affairs can help save time and improve chances of success