Daily Current Affairs Date-30th And 31st May 2021

Daily Current Affairs Date-30th And 31st May 2021


  1. 3 Indian peacekeepers to be honoured with UN’s prestigious medal
  2. NATO Steadfast Defender 21 war Games
  3. NSA commissioned Vessel Sajag
  4. Additional benefits under ESIC & EPFO schemes for dependents of workers
  5. Second BRICS Sherpas’ meeting convened
  6. Government to discontinue Central Allocation of Remdesivir
  7. Bellatrix Aerospace Tests India’s 1st Privately built Hall-effect Thruster

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Q. In recent times Indian peacekeepers honoured with UN’S prestigious medal consider the following statement related to UN medals

  1. Dag Hammar’s Kjold to be awarded to those military police civilian UN’s person and associated  personnel who demonstrate exceptional courage in face extreme danger in service of humanity
  2. Captain Mbaye Diagne medal award to member posthumous for peacekeeping operations

Which of the statement are not correct?

a) 1,2 both  b)1 only  c) 2 only  d) none of the above

Indian peacekeepers to be honoured with UN’s prestigious medal

  1. Corporal Yuvraj Singh, civilian peacekeeper Ivan Michael Picardo, and Moolchand Yadav are among those to be honoured with the UN’s prestigious medal.
  2. Corporal Yuvraj Singh was serving at the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) while civilian peacekeeper Ivan Michael Picardo was associated with UNAMISS as a civil peacekeeper.
  3. Moolchand Yadav was associated with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).
  4. Three Indian peacekeepers, who laid down their lives while serving in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions last year, are among 129 military, police and civilian personnel honored with a prestigious UN medal awarded posthumously for courage and sacrifice in the line of duty.
  5. India is the fifth-largest contributor of uniformed personnel to UN peacekeeping with more than 5,500 military and police serving in peace operations in Abyei, Cyprus, Congo, Lebanon, the Middle East, Somalia, South Sudan and Western Sahara, according to the UN.

United Nations Peacekeeping

  1. The first UN peacekeeping mission was established on 29th May 1948, when the Security Council authorized the deployment of a small number of UN military observers to the Middle East.
  2. United Nations Peacekeeping is a joint effort between the Department of Peace Operations and the Department of Operational Support.
  3. Every peacekeeping mission is authorized by the Security Council. The financial resources of UN Peacekeeping operations are the collective responsibility of UN Member States. According to UN Charter every Member State is legally obligated to pay their respective share for peacekeeping.
  4. UN peacekeepers (often referred to as Blue Berets or Blue Helmets because of their light blue berets or helmets) can include soldiers, police officers, and civilian personnel. Peacekeeping forces are contributed by member states on a voluntary basis.
  5. Civilian staff of peace operations are international civil servants, recruited and deployed by the UN Secretariat.


Q.what is steadfast defender 21 what was recently was in news?

  1. ) it is a real defence system developed in India recently by DRDO which is a small version of israel’s iron throne
  2. ) it is US aise first hypersonic cruise missile
  3. ) it is NATO ‘S use military exercise in Europe
  4. ) it is a program launched by jointly MoEFCC with IUCNu to protect Vulthre

NATO Steadfast Defender 21 war Games

  1. In the war names, NATO troops, warships and dozens of aircrafts are taking part.  Military exercises are taking place across Atlantic, through Europe and into Black Sea region.
  2. It is to improve the ability of the Allied forces to move quickly across the Atlantic and Europe to protect each other, if need arises.
  3. Around 9,000 troops from more than 20 NATO Allies and partners will take part in the exercise.
  4. The Forces will be deployed across land and sea from North America to the Black Sea region and off the coast of Portugal.
  5. It includes NATO troops, warships, and several Fighter Aircrafts like the F 35.

Steadfast Defender 21

This war games are being organised with the aim of simulating response of 30-nation military organisation for attack on any one of its members. It seeks to test ability of NATO to deploy troops from America

Why this war games were launched?

These war games were launched in the aftermath of Russia’s decision to send thousands of troops across border area with Ukraine. It has raised concern at military alliance that launched biggest ever defense spending initiatives after Russian troops acquired Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine in 2014.

Do these military exercises aim at Russia?

  1. According to NATO, military exercises do not aim at Russia specifically. But focus on Black Sea region, where Russia blocks free navigation of ships.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

  1. It is an intergovernmental military alliance of 30 European and North American countries. NATO implements North Atlantic Treaty which was signed in 1949.
  2. NATO comprises a system of collective defence in which independent member states provides for mutual defence if any member is attacked by external party. Organisation is headquartered in Belgium.


Q. NSA Ajit doval recently commissioned Vessel sajag consider the following statement related to it

  1. it is a petrol vessel constructed by Goa shipyard limited with the help of France
  2. it is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery latest technology and equipment
  3. it is a insured petrol bases which are smallest ship in Navy

Statement is or are correct

a)1,3.  b) 3 only.  c) 1 only  d) none of these

NSA commissioned Vessel Sajag

  1. National Security Advisor (NSA), Ajit Doval, has commissioned Indian Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Vessel Sajag. It was dedicated nation to safeguard maritime interests.
  2. Offshore Patrol Vessel, Sajag has been constructed by Goa Shipyard Limited, which was commended by NSA for indigenously developing ships for Maritime Armed forces with state-of-the-art machinery, latest technology sensors and equipment.

Patrol boat

  1. It is a small naval vessel designed for coastal defence, immigration law-enforcement, border protection, search and rescue duties.
  1. They can be operated by navy, coast guard, police force or customs and can be commissioned for marine or estuarine or river environments. They are commonly used in border protection roles such as ant-piracy, anti-smuggling, fisheries patrols, and immigration law enforcement.

Classification of Patrol Boat

  1. Patrol Boat are classified as inshore patrol vessels (IPVs) and offshore patrol vessels (OPVs). They are warships of smaller size and include fast attack craft, missile boats and torpedo boats. Offshore patrol vessels are smallest ship in Navy. However, they are large and seaworthy enough to patrol off-shore

National Security Advisor (NSA),

The NSC was established in 1998 by the government of AB Vajpayee. Brajesh Mishra served as the country’s first National Security Advisor (NSA). Before the NSC was formed, these functions were carried out by the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.

  1. The NSC is the apex agency in the country handling internal and external security, conventional and non-conventional defence,
  2. military affairs, counter-insurgency, space and high technology, economy, counter-terrorism and environment.
  3. The NSC is headed by the Prime Minister and the NSA is its Secretary. The headquarters of NSC is in New Delhi and the current NSA is Ajit Doval



1)ESIC and EPFO are insurance scheme regulated by IRDAI

2) There is provision for pension under this scheme which is regulated by PERDA3)ESIC & EPFO is partly regulated by molabour

 Which of the following statements is/ are correct

A)1,2    B)2,3   C)3only   D)none of the above

Additional benefits under ESIC & EPFO schemes for dependents of workers

  1. Ministry of Labour and Employment has announced additional benefits for workers under ESIC and EPFO schemes for the dependents of workers passing away due to Covid-19 disease..”
  2. Additional benefits will help in reducing fear and anxiety of workers about well-being of their family members because of increasing incidences of death.

What was existing norm?

  1. As per current norms, if an Insured Person dies or gets disabled while discharging duties, lifelong pension equal to 90 percent of average daily wage of worker is given to spouse, widowed mother and to children they are 25 years of age. If there is female child, benefit is provided till her marriage. Scheme will be retrospectively be effective from March 24, 2021.

How additional benefits will be provided?

    1. All dependent family members of Insured persons, registered in online portal of ESIC prior before COVID-19 disease and death due to it, will be given same benefits and in same scale as received by dependents of insured persons.

What are the conditions?

    1. Insured Person must have been registered on ESIC online portal three months before getting diagnosed of COVID-19, resulting in death.
    2. He must have been employed for wages and contributions for a minimum of 78 days.

Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI)

    1. Under this scheme, all surviving dependent family members of members of this scheme can avail benefits of EDLI in case worker die.


Q. Consider the following statement related to BRICS

  1. The acronyms BRICS was initially formulated in 2001 by economist Jim o’neill by Goldman saey
  2. all 5 members are its founding members
  3. together we are ICS accounts for or about 40% of world population and 30% of world’s GDP

Which statement is correct

a)1,3  b)1 only  c)2,3  d) all of the above

Second BRICS Sherpas’ meeting convened

  1. The second BRICS Sherpas’ and Sous Sherpas’ meeting was conducted to discuss preparations for scheduled meeting of BRICS Foreign Ministers on 1st June
  2. The BRICS Sherpas’ and Sous Sherpas meeting was convened under India’s Chair-ship from 25th to 28th of May.
  3. During the meeting BRICS partners negotiated key deliverables for India’s char-ship at BRICS 2021.
  4. They also negotiated including outcome documents for Foreign Ministers’ meeting.


  1. Sherpa is personal representative of head of state or government, preparing an international summit like G7 and G20 summits.
  1. Sherpa usually refers to “Sherpas for G7 summit” but this designation can be extended to different regular conferences which requires participation of head of state.
  2. For instance, BRICS Sherpas’ denotes representatives of BRICS Nation. Sherpa is generally quite influential even though they do not have authority to make a final decision over any agreement.

Why is it called Sherpas?

  1. Name Sherpas is derived from “Sherpa people” who are Nepalese ethnic group.
  2. They serve as guides and porters across Himalayas.
  3. Thus, designating grouping as Sherpa refers to the fact that, Sherpa clears way for head of state at major summit.
  4. First BRICS Sherpa meeting was held in 2019 under Presidency of Brazil in Curitiba, Brazil.


Q. Recently the drug name Ramedesivir was in news for this consider the following statement

  1. it was developed to treat covid-19 patients
  2. it is also very effective in ebola and other viral diseases
  3. it has no side effect

Which statement is correct

a)1only  b)2only  c)2&3 only  d) none of the above

Government to discontinue Central Allocation of Remdesivir

According to Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Shri Mansukh Mandaviya, government has decided to discontinue Central Allocation of Remdesivir to States and directed National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Agency to monitor availability of Remdesivir in India.

  1. Minister highlights, production of Remdesivir has increased ten times from 33,000 vials per day in April 2021 to 3,50,000 vials per day in May.
  2. According to him, Government has also increased number of plants producing Remdesivir from to 60 from 20 within a month.
  3. Thus, India has enough Remdesivir because supply is more than demand.
  4. Apart from that, 50 lakh vials of Remdesivir will be procured by central government to maintain it as strategic stock for emergency
  5.  requirement


    1. Remdesivir, an antiviral medication, sold under brand name Veklury. It was developed by biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences to administer it via injection. It was authorized for emergency use to treat COVID-19 across 50 countries. However, World Health Organization made a conditional recommendation in November 2020 for use of remdesivir to treat covid-19.


    1. Remdesivir was developed to treat hepatitis C. Subsequently, it was investigated for Ebolavirus disease, Marburg virus infections and coronavirus.

Side effects of Remdesivir

    1. Common side effect in healthy volunteers includes, raised blood levels of liver enzymes, liver inflammation, Low blood pressure, infusion-related reaction with nausea, and sweating.


Q. Recently Bellatrix aerospace was in news consider the following statement related to it

1)It is it is Rose commercial arm to launch private satellite

2)It can launch satellites in GIO

3)It will help this small startups who wants to launch their satellites in low cost

Which option is/are correct

a)1,2 only  b)3 only  c)1,3 only  d)none of the above

 Bellatrix Aerospace Tests India’s 1st Privately built Hall-effect Thruster

  1. Bellatrix Aerospace, a Bengaluru based Space Transportation company has successfully tested India’s 1st Privately Developed Hall-effect Thruster, a highly efficient electric propulsion system for microsatellites.
  2. The tests were conducted at the Spacecraftn Propulsion Research Laboratory (Asia’s largest privately funded lab) set up by Bellatrix at Society for Innovation and Development-Indian Institute of Science (SID-IISc), Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  3. The propulsion system is ideal for microsatellites weighing 50-500 Kg and can be scaled up for heavier satellites.
  4. The current model of the thruster uses Xenon as fuel. The Technology is a critical technology for the Space Taxi that Bellatrix Aerospace is developing.
  5. The thruster has been designed to power major satellite constellations which are set to be launched during 2021-30.
  6. The Thruster will also be used for a satellite mission in 2021.
  7. Bellatrix Aerospace has also developed the 1st commercial Microwave Plasma Thruster, which uses water as fuel.
  8. For this, the company has bagged an order from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

What is Hall-effect thruster (HET)?

  1. In spacecraft propulsion, a Hall-effect thruster (HET) is a type of ion thruster in which the propellant is accelerated by an electric field.
  2. Hall-effect thrusters use a magnetic field to limit the electrons’ axial motion and then use them to ionize propellant, efficiently accelerate the ions to produce thrust, and neutralize the ions in the plume.
  3. Uses: The applications of Hall-effect thrusters include control of the orientation and position of orbiting satellites and use as a main propulsion engine for medium-size robotic space vehicle

Bellatrix Aerospace

  1. It is an IISc incubated startup established in 2015.
  2. At present it is working on proprietary propellants which can make the propulsion system more compact and cost-efficient.
  3. It has announced collaborations with other space companies such as Satsure, Skyroot Aerospace and Dhruva Space on its ambitious Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) mission.
  4. It is also developing a green chemical propulsion system which forms an eco-friendly high performance alternative for toxic and carcinogenic Hydrazine based propellants

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Electric Propulsion System-

  1. Compared to chemical propulsion technologies, electric propulsion systems offer higher specific through mileage, allowing satellites to carry more transponders and achieve 3X higher return on investment.
  2. The Hall Thruster technology was initially developed in Russia, it is the most reliable and time tested electric propulsion system.