Daily Current Affairs Date 4th June 2021

Daily Current Affairs Date 4th June 2021


  1. India-UK launch Workstream to promote industrial energy efficiency
  2. Health Minister launches revamped health schemes
  3. Govt sets up Expert group on Fixation of Minimum wages
  4. China launches New Generation Meteorological Satellite
  5. Union Cabinet has approved The Model Tenancy Act
  6. NITI Aayog submits names of PSU banks to be privatised
  7. RDSO- India’s First Standard Developing Organization
  8. NASA announces Two Robotic Missions to Venus

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Q. Recently, India-UK launched workstream to promote industrial energy efficiency. Consider the following statements related to it.

  1. It was launched under industrial dip carbonisation initiative (IDDI)  of clean energy ministerial (CEM).
  2. The XII clean energy ministerial was organised by UK in virtual mode.
  3. Primary objective of this initiative is to infuse green technology and stimulate demand for low carbon  industrial material.

Of the above which statements are correct?

  1. a) 1 & 2
  2. b) 1 & 3
  3. c) 2 & 3
  4. d) all

India-UK launched Workstream to promote industrial energy efficiency

  1. India and United Kingdom have launched a new workstream to promote industrial energy efficiency.
  2. The workstream was launched under Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (IDDI) of Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM).

12th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM)

  1. 12thCEM was organised by Chile in virtual mode. It was started on May 31 and will conclude on June 6.
  2. India and United Kingdom, launched a new workstream which is also coordinated by  United Nations  Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (IDDI)

  1. Clean Energy Ministerial Industrial Deep De-carbonisation Initiative (IDDI) is a global coalition comprising of public and private organisations working together to stimulate demand of low carbon industrial materials.
  2. IDDI works to standardise carbon assessments and establish ambitious public & private sector procurement targets in collaboration with governments.
  3. It also incentivises investment into low-carbon product and design industrial guidelines.
  4. IDDI is Coordinated by UNIDO while Co-led by India and UK. Additional members of the initiatives are Germany and Canada.
  5. It brings together a strong coalition of related initiatives and organisations.

Objective of IDDI

  1. Primary objective of this initiative is to infuse green technologies
  2. Stimulate demand for low-carbon industrial material

Match the following

  1. Central government health scheme
  2. Rashtriya arogya Nidhi
  3. P.M.Jan arogya yojana
  1. 15 lakh financial assistance to poor patients suffering from Life threatening diseases
  2. comprehensive health Scheme to serve pensioners employers etc
  3. Health insurance for poor families up to 5 lakh

Which option is correct-

a)1-B , 2-A , 3-C

b)1-C , 2-A, 3-B

c)1-A, 2-B , 3-C

d)1-C, 2-B, 3-A

Health Minister launches revamped health schemes

  1. Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, launched revamped health schemes and has digitized the versions of Flagship Health Schemes. Schemes were launched on IT platform of National Health Authority (NHA)..
  2. Harsh Vardhan launched revamped Central Government Health Schemes (CGHS) apart from Umbrella Schemes of Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (RAN) and Health Minister’s Discretionary Grant (HMDG).
  3. Now all the schemes have become paperless, cashless and citizen-centric

Why schemes were revamped?

  1. According to the health minister, poor and needy people of country were unable to avail benefits of all these flagship health schemes of central scheme because of lack of timely intervention, delayed response and other such hurdles
  2. Thus, schemes have been revamped and digitized which will enable smooth delivery of healthcare services to eligible beneficiaries under by making entire process paperless.

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)

  1. CGHS is comprehensive health scheme to serve pensioners, employees, ex-MPs, Members of Parliament and dependent family members.
  2. Scheme has been extended across 72 cities and about 38 lakh beneficiaries are availing benefits under it within since last 7 years.

Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi

  1. This scheme was launched to provide financial assistance of Rs. 15 lakh to poor patients suffering from major life-threatening diseases or rare diseases or cancer. The person is treated at government hospital.
  2. Beneficiaries are decided on the basis of BPL threshold in States and Union Territories.


Q.Which of  the following is correct?

  1. Minimum wage- It is the wage needed to provide the minimum income to pay for basic needs
  2. Living wage- It is the minimum amount of remuneration that an  employer is required to pay wage earns  for the work performed during a given period
  3. Fair Wage- It is the mean between living wage and minimum wage
  4. Starvation Wage- It refers  to the wages which are insufficient to provide ordinary necessities of life

Options-      a)1 & 2     b)1,2,3     c) 2 & 3     d) all of the above

Govt sets up Expert  group on Fixation of Minimum wages

  1. Labour and Employment Ministry set up expert group that will provide technical inputs and recommendations on fixation of minimum wages and national floor for minimum wages
  2. This is the second expert committee on minimum wages formed by government in last two years.
  3. Last panel was headed by Anoop Satpathy and was set up by ministry on January 17, 2018. It conducted an evidence-based analysis to determine methodology of fixing national minimum wage.
  4. It recommended to set national floor wave at RS 375 per day or RS 9,750 per month in accordance with 2018 prices. However, recommendations were not accepted.

About Expert Group on fixation of minimum wages

  1. Expert group has been set for a period of three years. It is chaired by Ajit Mishra who is Director of Institute of Economic Growth.
  2. Other members include- Tarika Chakraborty from IIM Calcutta; Anushree Sinha; Vibha Bhalla, Joint Secretary; et-al.

Task of expert group

  1. Expert group will look after International best practices on wages to arrive at any wage rate. They will evolve a scientific criteria and methodology to fix wages.

What does Code on Wages specify?

  1. The Code on Wages, which has not been enforced, provides for setting up of National Floor Level Minimum Wage by Centre which is to be revised every five years.
  2. On the other hand, states will fix minimum wages for their regions, that cannot be lower than floor wage. Current floor wage is at Rs 176 per day.

Q Recently Fengyun -4B (FY-43) was in news what it is

  1. China’s artificial created sun
  2. China’s 4th generation fighter plane
  3. It is new generation metrological satellites of China
  4. It is hypersonic cruise missile tested by China

China launches New Generation Meteorological Satellite

  1. China successfully launched its first satellite of a new generation meteorological satellite into planned orbit.
  2. This satellite, named as Fengyun-4B (FY-48), will be used for fields of weather analysis, environmental and disaster monitoring


  1. This satellite was launched by Long March-3B rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in Sichuan Province.
  2. It is the first of China’s new-generation meteorological satellites which will be used for weather analysis & forecasting, environmental and disaster monitoring.

Significance of new satellite

  1. Fengyun-48 satellite will strengthen observation and response capability of small & medium scale disaster events and provide information security services in sectors including agriculture, meteorological, marine, aviation, and environmental protection.
  2. It will also conduct dynamic monitoring and tracking of several disaster elements like cold fronts, floods, droughts and sand storms. It will also improve forecast accuracy of disaster weather like typhoons and storms of China.
  3. It also comprises of a rapid imager which can improve measurement resolution to 250 meters from geostationary orbit and accelerate scan imaging of Earth.

Which areas will it cover?

  1. Observation range of the satellite include Asia, central Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean regions.


Q. Considered the statement related to Model Tenancy Act

1) No landlord or property manager can be with hold any essential supply

2) Written agreement is a must for all new tenancies

3) It will not affect the existing tenancies

Which are in correct?

a) 1,2,3

b) 2,3

c) 3 only

d) none

Union Cabinet has approved The Model Tenancy Act

  1. The Union Cabinet has approved the Model Tenancy Act (MTA)
  2. States and Union territories can now adopt the Model Tenancy Act by enacting fresh legislation or they can amend their existing rental laws suitably.
  3. Applicable prospectively and will not affect the existing tenancies.
  4. Written agreement is a must for all new tenancies. The agreement will have to be submitted to the concerned district ‘Rent Authority’.
  5. The law also speaks about roles and responsibilities of landlord and tenants.
  6. No landlord or property manager can withhold any essential supply to the premises occupied by the tenant
  7. If tenancy has not been renewed, the tenancy shall be deemed to be
  8. renewed on a month-to-month basis on the same terms and conditions as were in the expired tenancy agreement, for a maximum period of six months.
  9. Compensation in case of non-vacancy: On the expiry of extended period of six months of agreed tenancy period or the termination of tenancy by order or notice, the tenant shall be a tenant in default and liable to pay compensation of double of the monthly rent for two months and four times of the monthly rent thereafter.
  10. A landowner or property manager may enter a premise in accordance with written notice or notice through electronic medium served to the tenant at least twenty-four hours before the time of entry


  1. It is an important piece of legislation that promises to ease the burden on civil courts, unlock rental properties stuck in legal disputes, and prevent future tangles by balancing the interests of tenants and landlords.
  2. Need for a law in this regard:
  3. Young, educated job seekers migrating to large metropolises often complain of onerous tenancy conditions and obscene sums of money as security deposits that they are asked to fork out to lease accommodation. In some cities, tenants are asked to pay security deposits amounting to 11 months of rent.
  4. Also, some house owners routinely breach tenants’ right to privacy by visiting the premises unannounced for sundry repair works.
  5. Whimsical rent raises are another problem for tenants, many of whom complain of being squeezed as “captive customers“.
  6. Besides, Tenants are often accused of “squatting” on the rented premises, or trying to grab the property.


Q. Which is not the benefit of privatization of PSU banks?

a) It will increase the efficiency of PSU’S  and remove the the unnecessary Government  intervention

b) It will increase the job security of the employees and provide the exponential growth

c) It will help in diversifying the employees pool

d) It will enhance the chances of FDI inflow

 NITI Aayog submits names of PSU banks to be privatised

  1. NITI Aayog has submitted names of Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) that will be privatised to Core Group of Secretaries on Disinvestment
  2. All these PSBs will be privatised by Financial Year 2022.
  3. Privatisation is being done as part of government’s disinvestment process to raising funds.


  1. Centre’s aim of privatising two public sector banks and one general insurance company was highlighted during Budget 2021-22. Task of identifying government owned banks and insurance company was given to NITI Aayog.

Who decided these names?

  1. Panel comprising of members from NITI Aayog, economic affairs secretary, expenditure secretary, revenue secretary, legal affairs secretary, corporate affairs secretary, Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) secretary and Department of Public Enterprises secretary

Alternative Mechanism (AM)

  1. Now, these names will go to Alternative Mechanism (AM) for approval after of Core Group of Secretaries, headed by Cabinet Secretary, gives its approval. After AM, final approval will be taken by Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Public Sector Banks (PSBs) in India

  1. PSBs are major banks, where majority stake (50% and more) is held by Union Ministry of Finance or Ministry of Finance of various State governments. Its shares are listed on stock exchanges. Officers working in PSBs are gazetted officers. Central Government got involved in banking business after nationalization of Imperial Bank of India in 1955. 60% stake was taken by Reserve Bank of India and new bank was named “State Bank of India”.

Q. Indian railways research design & standard organisation (RDSO) has recently become the nation’s first institution to be declared standard

  1. The competitiveness amongst the industry will increase
  2. Improve ease of doing business
  3. By this India will grow in double digits
  4. largest participation of industry/vendor MSME in indian railways supply chain

a) 1,2,3

b) 1,2,4

c) 1,2 d) all of the above

 RDSO- India’s First Standard Developing Organization to Venus

  1. Research Design & Standards Organization (RDSO) wing of Indian railways has become India’s first institution to be declared as Standard Developing Organization (SDO).
  2. Standard Development Organisation tag was given under “One Nation One Standard” mission of Bureau of Indian Standards.
  3. According to Railway Ministry, it is a unique initiative by two organizations under which Government of India will set a template for rest of India’s leading research & standard development organizations to adapt such standards.
  4. BIS launched ‘National Standards Body’ scheme to attain government’s vision of “One Nation One Standard”.
  5. National Standards Body Scheme also provides for “Recognition of SDO”

About National Standards Body Scheme

  1. BIS launched this scheme with the aim of aggregating and integrating existing capabilities and dedicated domain specific expertise which are available with various organizations of India engaged in standards development in specific sectors.
  2. It also allows convergence of all standard development activities of India enabling “One National Standard for One Subject”.

About RDSO

  1. RDSO in Lucknow, is the sole Research and Design Wing of Railway Ministry.
  2. It is India’s leading standard formulating body that undertakes standardization work for railway sector

What does SDO recognition mean?

  1. With SDO recognition, standard formulation procedures of RDSO will become more focused on consensus-based decision making.
  2. It will extensively engage all stakeholders such as Industry, Academia, Test
  3. Houses, Users, Recognized Labs etc, in standard making process from initial stages.
  4. With this tag, competition among industries will increase resulting into reduction in cost & improvement in quality. It will also reduce import dependency and boost Make in India initiative.


Q. Consider the statement related to Venus

1.Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system

2.It has thick atmosphere of cost insisting CO2

3.It is twin of earth so it is planet in the category of jovian planets

Which of the Option is correct?

a) 1 & 2

b) 2 & 3

c) 1 & 3

d) all of the above

NASA announces Two Robotic Missions to Venus


  1. American space agency, NASA, has announced its two new robotic missions namely Davinci+ and Veritas, to Venus to examine atmosphere and geological features on the planet

About the mission

  1. Each of the missions have been awarded $500m funding. They will be launched in between 2028 and 2030 .
  2. Missions would provide a chance to investigate the planet Venus that haven’t been provided in about 30 years.
  3. Two missions were selected after a peer-review process. They were chosen on the basis of their potential scientific value and feasibility of their development plans.
  4. Both the missions will be launched with aim to understand, how Venus surface is capable of melting lead and how this planet became an inferno-like world.

Davinci+ Mission

  1. Davinci+ is “Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging” mission. It will measure atmosphere of Venus to gain insight into how it formed and evolved. It also seeks to determine whether Venus ever had an ocean.

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Veritas Mission

  1. This mission is called as “Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy”. It will map surface of Venus to understand its geological history. It will also investigate how it developed differently than Earth. It will use a form of radar to investigate surface elevations and will discover if volcanoes and earthquakes are still happening.


  1. Last probe to visit Venus was Magellan orbiter in 1990, while other vessels have made fly-bys since then.

About Venus

  1. Venus is the hottest planet of solar system and second planet from the sun. Its surface temperature is 500 degree Celsius which is hot enough to melt lead.