High Seas Treaty - GS Paper 2 - International Relations

High Seas Treaty – GS Paper 2 – International Relations

High Seas Treaty

The Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ), often known as the High Seas Treaty, was adopted by the UN. After the 1994 and 1995 treaties that established the International Seabed Authority and the Fish Stocks agreement, it became the third agreement to be authorised under UNCLOS.


Treaty Main Aims 


The convention intends to address pressing problems such rising sea surface temperatures, overfishing, coastal pollution, overexploitation of marine biodiversity, and unsustainable activities outside of state borders.

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To safeguard oceans from human activity, the first step is to establish marine protected zones through a “three-quarters majority vote,” which prohibits the decision from being obstructed by one or two groups.

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Regarding the equitable distribution of profits from marine genetic resources, the treaty requires the establishment of a “clear house mechanism” to share scientific knowledge and monetary gains. Via the method, all stakeholders will have access to data on marine protected areas, marine genetic resources, and “area-based management tools.” This will increase cooperation and bring about transparency.

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Marine technology and capacity building make up the treaty’s final pillar. The Scientific and Technical Body will be crucial to the evaluation of environmental effect. The organisation will develop standards and recommendations for assessment processes and aid nations with limited capabilities in conducting evaluations. This will make it easier for the stakeholders to gather and discuss how future effects will be felt, data gaps, and research goals.

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