Philippines volcano

Philippines volcano spews lava, tens of thousands flee

Philippines volcanoFIRE AND THUNDER Philippines volcano (Taal volcano) remains active, spurting red-hot lava some 500 metres into the air

Philippines Volcano: MANILA: Schools and businesses shut across the Philippine capital on Monday as a volcano belched clouds of ash across the city and seismologists warned an eruption could happen at any time, potentially triggering a tsunami. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes around Taal, one of the world’s smallest active volcanoes, which spewed ash for a second day from its crater in the middle
of a lake about 70 km south of central Manila. “The speed of escalation of Taal’s volcanic activity caught us by surprise, ” Maria Antonia Bornas, chief science research specialist at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, told reporters.

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“We have detected magma. It’s still deep, it hasn’t reached the surface. We still can expect a hazardous eruption any time.”
Authorities warned that an eruption could send a tsunami surging across the lake.Philippines volcano Taal
More than 24,000 people have been evacuated from the volcanic island and the area immediately around it – normally a popular tourist spot. “We got scared of what could happen to us, we thought the volcano was going to erupt already, ” said Marilou Baldonado, 53, who left the town of Laurel with only two sets of clothes after she saw the huge ash cloud build.Some tourists ignored the dangers and travelled to towns close to the volcano to get a better look. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience for us, ” Israeli tourist Benny Borenstein told Reuters as he snapped photos of Taal from a vantage point in Tagaytay City, about 32 km away.
To the southwest of the volcano, the towns of Agoncillo and Lemery were coated by a thick layer of ash, making roads impassable.

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Philippines volcano

Agoncillo’s mayor, Daniel Reyes, told DZMM radio some homes and part of a building had collapsed under the weight of the fallen ash.
In nearby Talisay Batangas, Vice Governor Mark Leviste said rain had turned ash to mud and trucks were needed to evacuate more people from remote communities. “There is no power. Even water was cut, so we are in need of potable water,” he said. “We are in need of face masks.”
In Manila, masks sold out quickly after residents were advised to wear them if they had to go out. Some wore handkerchiefs across their faces as they breathed air tainted by the smell of sulphur. Streets that would normally be snarled with some of the world’s worst trac were largely empty in the city of 13 million people.
Schools and government oces were closed on officials orders. The stock exchange suspended trading and many private businesses shut for the day too. Classes in some cities in the capital will remain suspended on Tuesday, officials said.

From Tourist Attraction to ash & fire

Taal volcano’s bursts of lighting and monster clouds of ash have drawn crowds even as thousands flee

The Philippines sits on the Pacific ” Ring of Fire”, where tectonic plates collide deep below the Earth’s surface. Earthquake are rattling the area where Taal is spurting red-hot lava.

Source: Hindustan Times | Reuters

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