Your greatest resource

Your Greatest Resource

Your greatest resource

What is your greatest resource?

That you are competent and skilled is a given. I am assuming you have an iron will and that you are not somebody who will give up without trying everything first.

In my view, your greatest resource is your integrity. Whoever you associate with, they should be able to trust you. Let your genuineness be your introduction.

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If you are trustworthy and genuine, customers, employees and vendors will stay with you. Honesty forges a bond that no other quality can replicate. And when they trust you, they will warm up to you; when that happens, expect a call where they’ll need your help.

Give ‘your everything’ when they trust you with something.

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You will never regret it. It is one of the most important requirements of building a sustainable business. And, trust is not something you can build with words.

Your genuineness must come through in your actions; the other person must feel that you care and it helps to actually care because a customer’s or an employer’s success, directly or indirectly, will ultimately contribute to your success. This is not about signing contracts and delivering on projects but building a connection at a human level.…

Here is integrity in a nutshell:

  1. When you say something, mean it.
  2. When you give your word, fulfil it.
  3. See the good and positive in other people.
  4. If your actions are harming someone, particularly your employer, customer or vendor, reconsider your actions.
  5. Be honest.

Source:Economic Times in The Speaking Tree | Lifestyle | Om Swami

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