Eravikulam National Park gets a fernarium, first time a fern collection in a hill station

Why in the news?

A Fernarium has been constructed inside Eravikulam National Park (ENP), the Nilgiri tahr’s natural habitat in Munnar. Officials claim that this is the first time a collection of ferns of this kind has been developed in the hill town.

52 different types of ferns have already been planted in the new Fernarium in ENP. According to data, ENP has 104 different types of ferns. The number of ferns in the park will soon be increased to include all 104 varieties, according to sources. On April 20, the public will be able to visit the fern park that has been established close to the orchidarium.

More about ENP & Ferns cultivation

The new project aims to inform tourists about the park’s biodiversity because ENP is one of the locations with rich biodiversity. According to botanists, ferns are an ecological sign of healthy woods, and the climate inside the ENP is better for growing ferns.

Ferns belong to the epiphytic family of plants. They develop in a soilless environment spontaneously. With the leaching of nutrients and water from trees, plants receive both. Many people noted the park’s abundant ferns growing on the trees. After the Nilgiri tahrs’ calving season, ENP opened to the public on Saturday.

New facilities established

According to some unknown sources, one of the new amenities set up for visitors in the park is a selfie point. Two additional buggy cars will be purchased soon by the park and three of them will be set aside for tourists to use as they explore the area. When talking about the footfall in the natural area, as of now, there were 1,607 visitors on Saturday, and 1,684 on Sunday, as per an official.

On April 20, a census of recent births in ENP will be conducted, as reported. 785 tahrs were counted in the most recent yearly census, while 125 new calves were seen. This year’s prediction is about 150 new calves who will be seen in the park.