GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS DAY | G.I.S. | Geography Awareness Week in November

GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS DAY | G.I.S. | Geography Awareness Week in November

World GIS (Geographical Information System) day is observed to acknowledge the transformative impact of Geographical Information System worldwide on global landscapes.

A Geographical Information System (GIS) is a system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes, which are spatially referenced to the Earth.

The geographical information system is also called as a geographic information system or geospatial information system. It is an information system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, sharing, and displaying geographically referenced information.

Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) Day is observed every third Wednesday in November. This year, G.I.S. Day will be celebrated on November 15.

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On November 19, 1999, the National Geographic Society, the Association of American Geographers (A.A.G.), and Esri initiated the Geographic Information Systems Day observation. The National Geographic Society, in particular, was responsible for establishing Geography Awareness Week in November 1987. It was during this week of geo-literacy that G.I.S. Day started.

How does the GIS work?

What is the problem you are trying to solve or analyze, and where is it located?

Then you need to find the data needed to complete your project.

This includes how data is organized, the accuracy and the origins of the data.

Geographic analysis is the central strength of GIS. Depending on your project, there are many different methods of analysis to choose from.

The results of your analysis can be shared through reports, maps, tables delivered in print or digitally over a network or on the Web.


1963 : World’s First Computerized G.I.S.
Roger Tomlinson’s work implementing the Canadian G.I.S. is the world’s first computerized G.I.S.

1964: First Computer Mapping Software Package
Howard Fisher develops SYMAP at Northwestern University.

1965: Harvard Computer Graphics Laboratory
Howard Fisher establishes the Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics.

1969: Establishment of Esri
Jack Dangermond and his wife Laura start Esri at Harvard.

1981: The First Esri Commercial G.I.S. Product
Esri starts ARC/INFO, the first commercial G.I.S. technology.


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