International day of the solidarity with Palestinian people

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is on November 29. It is a somber reminder of the ongoing fight for Palestinian statehood and self-determination. This day, designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1977, emphasizes the necessity of upholding the rights of both parties and urges international collaboration in the search for a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. It offers a venue for encouraging conversations, increasing awareness, and taking action toward bringing about an equitable and durable peace in the region.

What is the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

The long-standing dispute between Israel and Palestine is over territory, boundaries, and national identity. The same territory is claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians, especially in places like the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem.

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Some of the main issues of disagreement:


Territories: There are disagreements about borders and who owns specific territories since both parties assert historical and religious links to the region.

Jerusalem: For Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike, the city is extremely significant religiously. Jerusalem is a source of great contention and tension between Israelis and Palestinians.

Settlements: One of the main points of dispute has been Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Security: There is still more work to be done to guarantee both Israeli and Palestinian security.

Refugees: There is still disagreement about the rights and status of Palestinians who were uprooted or fled during hostilities, particularly in 1948.

Symbols of Palistine’s Solidarity

As symbols of solidarity with Palestine, the Palestinian flag, the keffiyeh scarf, and proclamations such as “Free Palestine” or “End the Occupation” stand for support for Palestine.

Why Solidarity Palestine

Solidarity is an ongoing dedication. Supporting the rights of the Palestinian people, particularly their quest for freedom, justice, self-determination, and human rights, is expressed globally via solidarity with Palestine. People stand in solidarity with Palestine for a number of reasons:

Concerns for Humanity

Encouragement of Human Rights

Promoting Self-Determination

Opposition to the Occupation

Hope for Justice and Peace

Some ways and methods to support Palestine demonstrating your solidarity.

Inform Others and Yourself.

Be Present at or Plan Events.

Promote Palestinian-owned companies.

Employ social media.

Advocate on a political level.

Significance: This signifies an international movement aimed at increasing consciousness, backing, and efforts towards a solution that upholds the rights and worth of all individuals in the region.

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