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Japan PM: India indispensable for free Indo-Pacific free prepaid cards for power to save groundwater

Japan PM: Free and Open Indo Pacific (FOIP) reflects the Japanese Prime Minister’s vision of strengthening India-Japan Special Strategic and Global Partnership. It promotes peace, prosperity & stability in the Indo-pacific region and is based on shared democratic values, and respect for the rule of law in the international arena.

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The birth of the Free and Open Indo Pacific (FOIP) had taken place in Delhi in 2016.

Japan would also generate 75 billion dollars through public and private funds to work in the Indo-Pacific and with other countries.

Japan PM

He proposed four new pillars of cooperation for a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” (FOIP): principles for peace and rules for prosperity; addressing challenges in an Indo-Pacific way; multi-layered connectivity; and the extension of efforts for security and safe use of the “sea” to the “air.
Significantly, Japan’s concept of FOIP is like India’s concept of Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI), which has seven pillars: Maritime Security; Maritime Ecology; Maritime Resources; Capacity Building and Resource Sharing; Disaster Risk Reduction and Management; Science, Technology and Academic Cooperation.
Kishida, who is on a two-day trip to India, said he hopes to promote a vision of free and open Indo-Pacific, a Tokyo-led initiative for greater security and economic cooperation that is geared toward curbing Beijing’s growing assertiveness.

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