The abacus and the animal part of the Sarnath pillar forms the official national emblem of India.

In the abacus of the Sarnath pillar, four animals are shown representing four directions – a galloping horse (west), an elephant (east), a bull (south) and a lion (north). In the National Emblem of India, the words Satyameva Jayate from Mundaka Upanishad, meaning ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’, are inscribed below the abacus in Devanagari script. The Capital is crowned by the

Wheel of the Law (Dharma Chakra).

The four Lions symbolise Buddha spreading Dhamma in all directions. It was built in the commemoration of first sermon by Buddha known as Dhammachakrapravartana.

Recently, PM Modi unveiled a 6.5 metre high, 9,500Kg bronze National Emblem which will be casted on top of New Parliament of India which is currently under construction.


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