New OS - Maya - GS Paper 3 - Science & Technology

New OS – Maya – GS Paper 3 – Science and Technology

New OS – Maya 

The Defence Ministry has made the decision to replace the Microsoft Operating System (OS) in all computers connected to the Internet with a new OS, Maya, based on open-source Ubuntu developed locally, in response to the rising number of cyber and malware attacks on the country’s defence as well as critical infrastructure.

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Maya was created by government development organisations in less than six months. Maya would stop malware attacks and other cyberattacks, which have sharply increased.

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Maya has been developed by Indian government agencies within six months, and it is aimed at preventing malware attacks by cybercriminals who are increasingly targeting critical infrastructure and government agencies. The new OS will be backed by a protection system called Chakravyuh.

Maya OS is a new operating system developed by the Union Ministry of Defence to protect its computer systems from cyberattacks. It is based on the open-source Ubuntu platform, which means it uses free and publicly available software

The Indian Ministry of Defence is ditching Windows for Maya OS, which is based on Ubuntu, a free and open-source Linux distro that’s considered to be more secure and reliable than Windows.

Maya OS is a step in the right direction India’s critical infrastructure has seen numerous cyberattacks and security breaches in recent years. Some of the most notable incidents include the cyberattack on Kudankulum Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) in 2019, the Mumbai Power Grid outage in 2020, the ransomware attacks on Oil India Limited and Spice Jet servers in 2022, and the Goa Flood Monitoring System hack.

Maya OS has been named after the Sanskrit word Maya which means “illusion.” The name suggests that Maya OS can create a deceptive layer of protection for the Defence Ministry’s computers, hiding them from cyberattacks. Meanwhile, Chakravyuh is derived from the ancient Indian military formation that was used to trap enemies in a circular maze.


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