A Face to Face/Online programme to help students build a solid base from where they can prepare for any type of career effortlessly. The programme aims to be a mentoring lesson for to let the students know the difference between what they are, and what they require in order to be a topper in life.

To help the students come to a level where they can nuild relationship, utilize their build up social capital, move forward effortlessly without any assistance and remove any major obstacle that may affect the candidate in the preparation of forming a a very successful career.

To make the students learn the way the students need to live their life, learn to move in life, orient their thinking to prepare for any examination and to know all the tricks to simplify and minimize their effort to take different careers.

It is the absence of these skills, and the base that allows the candidates to lose their track and stop wearing a heavy workload without too much of an effort.


For all those candidates who have just started to begin thinking of building their career




WEEKS Training Time taken Components Required Resources and KRA
Week 1 3 days

1 day of rehearsal

Basic Grooming

  1. Understanding differences between
  2. Personality & Looks
  3. Dressing & how to carry cloths in private and public
  4. How much Fashion and Style quotient
Week 2 4 days

1 day for organizing an event

Basic Etiquettes

  1. Body Language
  2. Understanding and managing people with aura,
  3. Responding and balancing in tune to people with awe, aura, respect, naughtiness
  4. Enhancing confidence
  5. Social, Business & Intellectual Etiquettes
  6. Getting together Networking and Social Capital formation & Social Media Management
Under the guidance of CM
Week 3 2 days




3 days of self organized education on wheels

  1. Managing hobbies, interest with career
  2. Travelling and Trip Management for learning
Under the guidance of CM
Week 3 & 4 8 days
  1. Understanding one self their parents and teachers
  2. Men & Woman how and why are they different
  3. Me as a brand
  4. Managing You tube channels, Twitter, Social Media
  5. Attitude and Perception Balancing
  6. Managing stress


  Components Why important Where needed Training Time taken
Week 5 Understanding their surroundings Build one’s strength In personality Development and Interview 1
Learning through various means-Films, Books, Interactions, Parents, Teachers, TV,

TV & Newspapers: Managing authentication, genuineness and gossip

For facilitating learning and that too fun learning and learning through any source, not only books In writing essay and General Knowledge anywhere it is required. 3


3 days including report generation


  Components Why is it important Where will it help Training Time taken
Week 1 to 12 Language Improvement To express anything that the students wish to

To write good answers

To speak well


In other exams such as SSC, or any other exams

Outsourced-120 days
Week 6 World and India trip in class Understanding World geography for a solid base of World history, International Affairs, Geography, and Current affairs In Preliminary Examination of UPSC, in SSC, IN any competitive examination. 5 days
Week 7-23 Revision of entire school books

Understanding nationalistic  Indian History and Culture


To prepare the candidates well in advance of their Preliminary Examination, as the first phase of preparation out of three phases in the coming three years In other exams such as SSC, or any other exams including state PCS. 120 days
Week 24 Numerical and logical Aptitude preparation Extend the sharp thinking of the candidates, and their recent mathematical practices into making it solid and concrete. In other exams such as SSC, or any other exams including Bank PO. 30 days


Why is it important Where will it help Training Time taken
Week 25 & 26 Background of events and World problems For building a solid base for International and national Affairs and Current Affairs Reading newspaper with ease, to answer all questions that can be asked from Society, Indian political background, and Foreign Policy. 6 days
Week 25 & 26 Memorisation tricks Students are at par with any other students preparing anywhere. 1 day with group rehersal directions.
Week 25 & 26 Time Management 1 day


6 months.


200 to have diverse interaction.


The candidate will be able to buld a base and to minimize their efforts for preparation into different careers.

A monthly zoom meet to motivate the students to assess their performance will keep them in good spirits and help them know as to how to be self motivated.

The candidates will be able to customize their strategy, correct their language, think rationally, see beyond normal, start thinking objectively, develop leadership qualities and start practicing all what the politicians require.

Realization among the students what an honest guidance can do in making a career hitherto unheard of.