1. Taking maximum accountability of the students’ career and moulding and training them to achieve the maximum that they can.
  2. Redefining Success for those who think that only qualifying for IIT and PMT is the meaning of success.
  3. Providing alternative and SECURED career for all science and non non-science students, taking a complete accountability of these students who are beginning a professional course after their 10th


For us Talent is not only about solving numericals and memorizing scientific classifications. For us the attitude and aptitude of the candidates, their creativity, language, their organizational ability, their oratory skills…Everything, even things that the students do not know about themselves, are their talent and can be converted into a booming career.


As part of the programme, we take a student in the +2 level and transform their personality to gain maximum employability skills and soft skills.

Features of the Offer

  • This programme is a career security programme, which has specifically designed and customized curriculum and teaching methodology as per the requirement of the 21st century India. The basic theme of the programme is preparing the students for an almost certain secure and dignified career.
  • Our programme is completely based on the mentoring process and is not done in either the manner of coaching or with the intent of coaching.
  • The modus operandii is to build a very strong foundation for bearing any load of knowledge base, transitioning towards different careers, information acquisition and concepts.
  • We have sequenced the topics in such a manner that would minimize efforts in learning a particular topic; content and subject.
  • Customized and out of the box solutions to solve problems.
  • Availability of study material and books beyond which nothing will be required for them. This minimizes the effort of the candidates to an unimaginable extent.


The candidates will be subjected to 6  month foundation courses that will seek a total transformation of the personality of the candidates. The purpose of the programme is to build a base, to remove the flaws that may have creeped in during schooling, and which can help the students to perform better durung Industrial Training as well, form a base on which they can build any type of future.

This Programme is a Platform

  • For those who are talented but do not know their talent and where that talent will take them to.
  • For those who have high level of energy, enquiry but have nowhere to go to quench their thirst.
  • For those who have the capability to excel in the present but lack basic personality, backed by knowledge and perception management skills along with design go for numerous career transitioning required for gig economy. job as there are so much insecurity for simple graduates to get a job.


Will the Programme Interfere with the present training?

NO, Not at all. In fact, it will make the training much better than what the conventional college learning can provide.

Does this type of model exist anywhere?

Yes, the model although not exactly in this form, but in some form of picking up students at the level of first year college and provide them with some type of coaching. But a mentoring based programme doesn’t exist.

Models already in existence to an extent

Models which seeks to prepare students’ career along with their graduation degree is  existing,  and it will be the first experiment of this kind anywhere with all experience of implementation, academics and logistics, backed up by the ITIs.


To prepare the students specifically 21st century careers, inculcate innovative leadership traits, get ready for appearing in any interview anywhere in the world, and be ready to change accept and create opportunities that are emerging in the new world.


For all those students who have just started to think that they can actually make a difference to their own Country and the country that they live.



WEEKS Training Time taken Components Required Resources and KRA
Week 1 3 days

1 day of rehearsal

Basic Grooming

Understanding differences between

Personality & Looks

Dressing & how to carry cloths in private and public

How much Fashion and Style quotient

Week 2 4 days

1 day for organizing an event

Basic Etiquettes

Body Language

Understanding and managing people with aura,

Responding and balancing in tune to people with awe, aura, respect, naughtiness

Enhancing confidence

Social, Business & Intellectual Etiquettes

Getting together Networking and Social Capital formation & Social Media Management

Outsource with training
Week 3 2 days




3 days of self organized education on wheels

Managing hobbies, interest with career

Travelling and Trip Management for learning

Outsource with training
Week 3 & 4 8 days Understanding one self their parents and teachers

Men & Woman how and why are they different

Me as a brand

Managing You tube channels, Twitter, Social Media

Attitude and Perception Balancing

Managing stress



  Components Why important Where needed Training Time taken
Week 5 Understanding their surroundings Build one’s strength In personality Development and Interview 1
  Learning through various means-Films, Books, Interactions, Parents, Teachers, TV,

TV & Newspapers: Managing authentication, genuineness and gossip

For facilitating learning and that too fun learning and learning through any source, not only books In writing essay and General Knowledge anywhere it is required. 3


3 days including report generation


  Components Why is it important Where will it help Training Time taken
Week 1 to 12 Language Improvement To express anything that the students wish to

To write good answers

To speak well


In other exams such as SSC, or any other exams

Outsourced-120 days
Week 6 World and India trip in class Understanding World geography for a solid base of World history, International Affairs, Geography, and Current affairs In Preliminary Examination of UPSC, in SSC, IN any competitive examination. 5 days
Week 7-23 Revision of entire school books

Understanding nationalistic  Indian History and Culture


To prepare the candidates well in advance of their Preliminary Examination, as the first phase of preparation out of three phases in the coming three years In other exams such as SSC, or any other exams including state PCS.  
Week 24 Numerical and logical Aptitude preparation Extend the sharp thinking of the candidates, and their recent mathematical practices into making it solid and concrete. In other exams such as SSC, or any other exams including Bank PO. 30 days


    Why is it important Where will it help Training Time taken
Week 25 & 26 Background of events and World problems For building a solid base for International and national Affairs and Current Affairs Reading newspaper with ease, to answer all questions that can be asked from Society, Indian political background, and Foreign Policy. 6 days
Week 25 & 26 Memorisation tricks   Students are at par with any other students preparing anywhere. 1 day with group rehersal directions.
Week 25 & 26 Time Management     1 day

Model for Implementation and Delivery of the Programme

First stage: Selection Test for the Candidates (A talent search procedure).

Second Stage: An Interview of the candidate Shortlisted in the first stage

Third Stage: Short list as per their choice and the Psychologists recommendations

Fourth stage: Regular classes begin with an introductory class.

What will be provided to the students?

  • Synopsis and video linkages both face to face as well as online on what a student must know.
  • Tests planned for judging the understanding of the students (evaluation and analysis by the respective teachers)
  • Personality Development
  • Public Presentation
  • Field Work and Experimantation


6 Months


As determined by the Institution


The contents of the programme will be immensely helpful in bettering students for their life, for their career and to pick up diverse challenges in future. This is because the programme seeks to

  • Improve the learning environment by
  • Inculcating tricks of learning
  • Simplifying learning
  • Enhancing imagination
  • Instill observational learning
  • Helping build social capital to diffuse and disseminate learning
  • Help think out of box to have solution oriented attitude.
  • Improve the results of training.
  • Instill creativity to help futuristic self programming.


The candidate will be able to have a very high degree of self understanding, know themselves, customize their strategy, can reverse plan their career to make the maximum out of it, correct their language, think rationally, see beyond normal, start thinking objectively, they can manage their own affairs, can decide between right and wrong, truth and false, can appear for any interview anywhere on Earth, can decide on which career to choose and which not too, can also work on how to minimize efforts for preparation into different careers, develop leadership qualities and start practicing all what the 21st century students require. They can actually know tricks of and realization among what an honest guidance can do in making a career hitherto unheard of.

A monthly zoom meet to motivate the students to assess their performance will keep them in good spirits and help them know as to how to be self motivated.


  1. Improved employability
  2. Career of students
  3. Increased awareness among students to diversify and develop upon the build up.
  4. Drastic improvement in the outlook of the students
  5. A branding at the national level.
  6. Regular visits by dignitaries and the panellists helps improve the aura of the school.
  7. Improvement in the inflow and quality of students.