Geography Mains LIVE CLASSSES

GEOGRAPHY MAINS COURSE is a live classroom programme aided by online sharing of resources for an extensive coverage of Geography Mains syllabus. It is a 15-week comprehensive programme for the IAS mains examination. The programme is inherently designed to cater to the needs of aspirants who have decided to opt for Geography as an optional subject on whatever basis.

The course intends to prepare the candidates to take this examination anywhere under any circumstance without any assistance. The course aims to help the candidates secure an above average marks of over 250 in the Mains. As the programme would advance, learners would experience new levels of comfort, gain deeper insights and develop plethora of perspective, which is much required to answer with a stroke of creativity.

Motive behind the course

To enable the candidates to have a solid conceptual framework and a knowledge base that will help them to develop an above average analytical ability. To know the dimensions of the subject and help them to answer the range of questions that can be asked and pick up the options with ease in the preliminary examination.

Eligibility of participants

The course is designed for all those candidates having the necessary qualification to appear for UPSC Civil Services, whether they have a background of the subject or not.

Topic wise class plan

Topic Live Interactive Classes and Recordings of In hours
Population KS, SM 12
Economic Geography KS 8
Settlement KS 8
India Settlement KS 10
Model and Theories KS, SM 8
Geomorphology KS, GF 24
Climatology KS 12
Oceanography KS 12
Biogeography KS 18
Environmental Geography KS 12
India Physical Setting KS 18
Resources KS 10
Agriculture SM 14
Industry GF 12
Trade and Transportation KS, GF 8
Contemporary Issues GF 6
Political Aspects KS 8
Cultural Setting No Class or recording 4
Regional Planning Regional Planning GF 12
Perspective in Human Geography KS 12


The programme is under the guidance of our former Chief Mentor, Sri K. Siddhartha, ( who will set the mindset, attitude and tone of the examinee as per the UPSC guidelines.

  1. Academic Head- Dr S. Mukherjee, Director ENSEMBLE
  2. Chief of Administration- Sri Choudhary and Namanpreet kaur
  3. Input and Creative Director Siddharth Upadhyaya
  4. Coordinator-Namanpreet Kaur

Teaching support

Video Recordings and Classes to choose from

  1. Siddhartha (, A strategic thinker, Earth Scientist and Author

Dr. S. Mukherjee, Academic Head, author and teacher with an experience of 15 years and one of the best-known Geographers that India has. Author of Vol-I, Vol-II, Indian Industry, Cities Urbanisation and Urban System, A Modern Dictionary of Geography.

Dr Adarsh Kumar,

Dr Satya Prakash, Legal and Indian Polity Expert, and

Guest Faculty

Important Note

It is assumed as a part of the session that the students have knowledge of the basics. But it will be expected that the students will keep pace with the class and that the students will follow the sequence of the class.

What the students will get


  1. Physical Geography
  2. Ecology and environment
  3. Economic geography
  4. Cities, Urbanization and Urban Systems
  5. Models and Theories
  6. A Modern Dictionary of Geography


  • Short Smart Study (SSS) Series comprising 15-20 booklets
  • Human Geography
  • Perspective
  • Indian Geography

Synopsis and Summary

  • On all topics of Geography optional in an electronic form

Online Support

Access to reservoir of chapters converted into videos made into a documentary laced with graphics and animations.

Impact of the Course

The students will be able to understand the meaning of each chapter, its concept and analysis

The student will be able to know the dimensions of the topic

The student will have all the material in printed as well as in video form

The student will be able to answer many direct questions out of the topic.