Section Video recordings/live discussions Model written answers with us Mentors and Guides
Modern Indian History 34+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
Post Independence History- 20+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
Heritage & Culture- 24+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
Population, Philosophy, And Urbanisation- 20+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
Indian Society, Women & Development- 51+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
World History- 20+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
World Geography- Around 50 answers 146+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
Indian Geography- Around 50 answers 101+ Shri K. Siddhartha, Strategic Thinker & Mentor
Indian Polity And Governance Around 100 answers On hold
India & International Relations-

India’s Foreign Policy-

Around 50 answers 14+


Internal Security Around 10 answers Shri B. L. Vohra, IPS
Indian and World Economy Around 100 answers On hold
Environmental Issues- Around 25 answers 37+ Shri K. Siddhartha
Science & Technology- Around 10 answers 22+ Shri K. Siddhartha
Disaster Management- Around 10 answers 20+ Shri K. Siddhartha
Ethics And Integrity- Around 150 answers 8+30+20+ Dr. Vikram Singh IPS

Shri Vivek Atray IAS

The General Studies comprising of 4 Papers is the pivot around which the UPSC Civil Services Mains exam revolves. The GS Paper is for a total of 1000 marks with a minimum of 20 questions being asked from the four sections of the syllabus.


Students who have done their coaching classes but are in urgent need to undergo transformation and mentoring. This course is for such students who leave Delhi for their hometown and those who want to have access to this 500+. It is for all those who want to improve their quality of answers and make it better than others.

  1. All of the students who are preparing for Civil Services mains 2020.
  2. All students who have studied GS, have done their classes of GS and are finding difficulty in fathoming the new changes in the subject for Mains 2020.
  3. All of those who are still in half way preparation but finding it difficult to be confident to write answers in the subject for Mains Examination.


To have a reservoir over 500 high grade answers in written and or video form either as live streaming or recorded version for the Mains Exam, 2020 as well as help the students learn the skill of writing answers.

To help aspirants write answers on the same level as is written by the toppers.

To help students have access to over 500 answers and practice it. This means having a reservoir 500 + high grade answers much by for the Mains Examination 2020, as well as obtain the skill of answer writing along with complete material availability to fantastically ease exam preparation.

  1. To help candidates know and follow expectation of the UPSC and or state PCS.
  2. How to develop a proper approach to writing of the questions, which begin with various tail words like Discuss, Elaborate, Elucidate, Analyse etc
  3. To provide a ready availability of high quality answers of over 500+ questions of the toughest questions imaginable
  4. Incorporation of all heard unheard, unknown and unknown sources from where model answers are made,
  5. To provide a clear understanding of how a flow chart can be used along With diagram
  6. Deciphering the psyche of the examiner, and Decoding the “New Trend of GS”.
  7. Learning the Art of forming interlinkages, with special emphasis on the current trends in the subject. Writing and expression improvement and identification of glitches in that.
  8. How to follow Intra and Interdisciplinary approach and make it perspective based and solution based.
  9. Compare the answers of qualified candidates.


  • World Geography-Shri K. Siddhartha
  • Indian Geography_Shri K. Siddhartha
  • Selected topics on India’s Foreign Policy
  • Economy-Guest Lecture
  • Environmental Issues-Shri K. Siddhartha
  • Disaster Management-Shri K. Siddhartha
  • Internal Security-Shri B.L.Vohra,
  • And Ethics And Integrity Case Studies-Dr. Vikram Singh, Shri Vivek Atray


  1. Prepare a part of the syllabus for Mains 2020 comprising World and Indian Geography, World and Indian Economy, Internal Security, India’s Foreign Policy and Ethics and Integrity
  2. Improve the way you look at writing any answer
  3. Improve your comprehension ability of the question
  4. Know how to structure your answer
  5. Understand the art of forming linkages
  6. How to proceed logically towards conclusion
  7. Ways to begin your answer
  8. Identify the Mistakes that the students can make.
  9. How can you enhance your ability to mould the perspective and balance your perspective?


  1. Strategy demarcation and ways to answer any question
  2. Availability of about 500 different answers on varied topics
  3. Availability of Video discussion of 500+ different answers
  4. Some representative answers of IAS toppers
  5. Task and assignment to students to write some answers from different sections and their video discussion as well as a chance to get their answers evaluated.
  6. 10 online face to face Problem Solving Sessions with an interactive discussion.


Aided by senior IAS, IFS and IPS  officers who have been members of UPSC, who are media advisors and who have guided thousands of students and have a heart of a teacher.

  1. Shri B. L. Vohra
  2. Dr.Vikram Singh
  3. Shri K. Siddhartha
  4. Shri Vivek Atray
  5. IAS toppers 2019

Guest Lectures

The programme will be guided by  Shri K. Siddhartha, ( who will set the mindset, attitude and tone of the examinee as per the UPSC guidelines.

  1. Academic Head- Dr. S. Mukherjee, (9811506926)
  2. Chief Coordinator-Anjali Singh (8299548244),
  3. Deputy Coordinator Suramya Sharma (9354715535)

Participation fee

Fee Rs 25, 000 for Composite Course, and separately Rs 5, 000 for

  1. Ethics and Integrity by Dr. Vikram Singh & Shri Vivek Atray
  2. India and International Relations with Internal Security
  3. Geography, Environment & Disaster Management by Shri K. Siddhartha
  4. Indian Polity and Governance and
  5. Indian and World Economy.