GS PT INDIAN GEOGRAPHY (In Maps & Illustrations)


What comprises the Geography PT Syllabus

Indian Geography Locations

Marks Covered

Up to 15 marks in prelims

Target group

Students who are fresh or have either done their coaching classes but have problems in whole of Geography section. This course is for such students who are short in confidence on studying Geography or having a low interest in Geography.


  1. To help students develop a huge imaginative advantage by enhancing their concept, knowledge observation and application capabilities along with imagination and simplifying their learning immensely.
  2. To help answer any question that may be asked from anywhere from the world in any manner.
  3. To help memorise their facts easily and to improve their retentivity.
  4. To help build a base for studying Current Affairs which will be virtually impossible without having a command over Indian Map location.

Key feature of the course

  1. Have a complete study material beyond which nothing is required.
  2. Develop command over whole of mapping section of Indian Geography.
  3. Developing proper understanding of the locations.
  4. Relevant interrelationship of Strategic issues associated with maps.


  1. Complete Study material and books with synopsis.
  2. Very high class video lessons based on graphics, animations, reality based documentaries, as well as recorded class lectures that aids imagination development.
  3. Easing memorization and aiding retentivity.
  4. Model Test Papers attached with every session.

People behind

The programme is under the guidance of Sri K. Siddhartha, who will set the attitude, interest level and pedagogy as per the requirement of UPSC.

  1. Academic Head- Dr S. Mukherjee, Director ENSEMBLE

Modus Operandi

  1. Students can log on to com to get themselves registered.
  2. The candidate will be issued access and password.
  3. Once they log in, they will start getting advisories, and materials.
  4. Through these sessions the candidates will be guided through various concepts and ideas that form the programme.
  5. For online students, the candidates can upload and ask any question and form a set of question, which will be discussed face to face.

Open schedule

The students will have the entire course along with completion advisory for them, which they will be required to follow.

Confined and limited source

Whatever the candidates may have studied in the past, the course will minimise their efforts either by pruning what they have studied or by suggesting them what can study now. This will be by the availability of printed books/electronic books or other book/books that they will be provided.

What will be the impact of the course

By doing this course you will finish the section of map section of Geography in comprehensive and holistic manner and have lot of test practice. There will be approximately 100 questions that will be provided for practice.


  1. The students must come online, prepared with the topic.
  2. The students must keep pace with the class as every subsequent topic is based on the previous topic.

What the students will get?

  1. Geography Through Maps (Indian Geography), in a printed form.
  2. 100 question test
  3. An Interactive online problem solution session by forming their identical problems groups on the web if desired by the students.

Additional material that the students can go for

Absolutely not needed.

Learning Sequencing and chapter structure

The course sequencing is not per the syllabus as there is no syllabus but questions have been asked and will be definitely asked from this portion. World Map mapping has to be done to obtain concept to the candidates.

How best to utilise it

  1. First read the topic.
  2. Listen to the explanation and take ajourney through the whole of the world.
  3. Now use the synopsis to revise it.
  4. Practice answering Objective type questions from the MCQ tab.
  5. ENSEMBLE will keep you updating on current affairs regularly on this topic, as and when required.
  6. Keep an eye on updates.