A Face to Face programme to help Hindi (Face to Face/Online) students build a solid base from where they can prepare for the exam effortlessly. The programme aims to be a motivator for Hindi students and to let the students, know the difference between what they are and what they require in order to be a topper dor Civil Services.

To help the students come to a level where they can take advantage of coaching institutes, learn the tricks of preparing for CSE effortlessly without any assistance and remove any major obstacle that may affect the candidate in the preparation of the exam.

To make the students learn the way the students need to study, orient their thinking to prepare for the examination and to know all the tricks to simplify and minimize their effort to study.

It is the absence of these skills, and the base that allows the candidates to lose their track and stop wearing a heavy workload without too much of an effort.


For all those candidates who have just started to begin their preparation of Civil Services just landed in Delhi and have just started thinking preparing for Civil Services.


Phase “One” 

Components Why is it important Where will it help
Communication & Body Language Improvement For being cultured

For being more acceptable

For making friends who can be helpful

In Interview

In becoming favourites with the teacher

Language Improvement To express anything that the students wish to

To write good answers

To speak well


In other exams such as SSC, or any other exams

Revision of entire school books To revise NCERT and prepare pre PT examination, SSC and other examinations In helping qualify SSC, and laying the foundation of PT preparation and Civil Services.
  • Phase “Two”
Understanding oneself, their parents and teachers Know ones strength In personality Development and Interview of UPSC.
Understanding their surroundings Build ones strength In personality Development and Interview of UPSC.
Learning to make bonds, and social capital To get benefits from all people, to minimize al the efforts
World trip in class Understanding World geography for a solid base of World history, International Affairs, Geography, and Current affairs In Preliminary Examination of UPSC, in SSC, In any competitive examination.
Learning to read Newspapers For Current Affairs preparation In any examination of the world.
Learning through various means-Films, Books, Interactions, Parents, Teachers, TV,  For facilitating learning and that too fun learning and learning through any source, not only books In writing essay and General Knowledge anywhere it is required.
Background of events and World problems For building a solid base for International and national Affairs and Current Affairs Reading newspaper with ease, to answer all questions that can be asked from Society, Indian political background, and Foreign Policy.
Attachments with Bureaucracy, Politics, Glamour Industry and Academics To know the reality of India.
Education on Wheels An Excursion trip in the whole of Delhi where a lot of history, politics resides.


Three months beginning from 10th of June


8.00-11.00 and 11.00 to 4.00pm on Saturday and Sundays


100 to have one to one interaction.


The candidate will be able to know tricks of how to minimize efforts in preparation of Civil Services, correct their language, revise school books and school education, think rationally, see beyond normal, start thinking objectively, develop leadership qualities.

Realization among the students what an honest guidance cam do with Hindi students and even Hindi students can be at par with topper students.

A weekly meet to motivate the students to assess their performance will keep them in good spirits and help them know as to how to be self motivated.


  • Language Experts
  • A team of psychologists
  • NLP experts.
  • UPSC coaches 
  • Journalists



By Donation in all forms-Financial, Labour, Intellectual.