Essay Presentation Skill Improvement Programme

Test – 3

Knowledge Intensive topics

– 3 hrs. Marks –250

 Write one essay from each section.

 Use a series of A4 papers or a white paper booklet with UPSC prescribed margins on the right

 Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.

 After you complete the test, scan your A4 pages in the correct order and create a PDF document using the CAM Scanner App [available both for Android/ iOS]

 After scanning, please email the document to [email protected]

 You will get a personal feedback within 7 days of your submission from [email protected]

 Note: Please send the email with subject – Your Name | APSIP Essay | TS3

Write one essay from each section in 1000-1200 words. Contents of answer are more important than their length. All questions carry equal 125 marks.

Section A

  1. Industrial decentralisation has been brought about in India as much by Government policy as by market forces and now localised entrepreneurship.
  2. Films, like literature, have been truly reflective of INDIAN society through ages.

Section B

  1. The use of space technology and its offshoots can solve every problem that India braces up for in the future.
  2. “You cannot find a new World unless you lose sight of the shore”. This is true for most of the successful and important personalities in many spheres of life.