Regarding the Poona Pact, consider the following sentences | MCQ | Correct Answer

Regarding the Poona Pact, consider the following sentences | MCQ | Correct Answer

Poona Pact

Regarding the Poona Pact, consider the following sentences:

1.Upper-class Hindus accepted the idea that the most prevalent group was the depressed classes variously treated groups in Indian society.

2.It was drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and  M. K. Gandhi .

3.The depressed classes received more than 120 seats.

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Which of the aforementioned statements is true?

  1. Only 1 and 2
  2. Only 2 and 3
  3. Only 1 and 3
  4. All of the preceding

Answer: (c) Only 1 and 3

Statement 1 is true:

The Poona Pact was an unequivocal admission by upper- class Hindus that the oppressed classes made up the majority of

discriminated against segments of Hindu society. Furthermore, it acknowledged that a concrete solution was required to offer them a political voice and a boost to drag them out of a stalemate they were unable to overcome otherwise prevail.

The Communal Award of August1932, which among other things allocated 71 seats i n the Indian Parliament, served as the foundation for the Poona Pact.The central government of the underclasses. Gandhi, who condemned communalism,Award perceived it as a British effort to divide Hindus. and started a death defying fast to have it overturned. At 5:00 p.m., the Poona Pact was signed. 1932 in September.

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Statement 2 is false:

Ambedkar speaking for the disadvantaged classes and Mohan Malaviya on Gandhi’s behalf. In an agreement reached with Gandhi and Ambedkar must be accepted for depressed class candidates jointly chosen by the electorate. Though, on his persistence, more than twice. A little more than twice as many seats due to insistence (147)were set aside for the downtrodden people in the compared to what had been allocated by the Award for Community. Moreover, the Poona Pact a guarantee of an accurate portrayal of the depressed classifications in the government sector while designating a for their improvement, a share of the educational grant.


Statement 3 is true:

In a negotiated agreement Ambedkar agreed for the downtrodden classes with Gandhi candidates to be chosen by an electoral college.On his urging, however, somewhat more than twice as 147 chairs were set aside for the grieving classes in the legislature compared to before given out as part of the Community Award. Aside from that The Poona Pact ensured an accurate portrayal of the poor classes working in the public sector while offering public services a portion of the educational grant is designated for they are raised.

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