AICTE’s Ban on New Colleges

AICTE’s Ban on New Colleges

Recently,AICTE’s Ban on New Colleges, AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has barred the opening up of new technical colleges for at least five years. AICTE is a statutory body and a national-level council for technical education. It comes under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development. It was initially set up in 1945 as an advisory body but later gained the status of legal body. AICTE is responsible for maintaining the quality of education; it also checks the introduction of new technologies in the courses. Engineering colleges must have AICTE approval and also the courses offered by them.

Why this decision?

AICTE has decided not to accept fresh applications for setting up new institutes till 2022.This decision has come up in view of huge numbers of vacant seats in various streams in these colleges as well as low placement ratios. According to AICTE’s data- there are a total of 27 lakh seats offering STEM education in India. STEM stands for – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, out of which 14 lakh constitute undergraduate, 11 lakh constitute diploma and 1.8 lakh post-graduate seats. However, in the year 2019-2020, only 13 lakh of the seats were occupied and moreover, only 6 lakh could grab a job. These are some shocking figures which show the sad picture of India’s engineering colleges.

The new AICTE guidelines

The new AICTE guidelines state that private colleges and institutes cannotintroduce new courses in conventional fields, although courses in latest and budding fields such as Artificial intelligence [AI], Internet of Things [IoT], Block chain [the technology behind Bitcoin, etc],Robotics, Quantum Computing, Data Sciences, Cyber security, 3D Printing and Design, and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) can still be introduced. This guideline will come into force from the new academic session which starts in 2020-21.

What lead us to this situation?

Due to the enormous number of engineering colleges in every lane, the once respectable degree of BTECH has become a go-to degree, easily achievable by money. These colleges, thus, act as hubs of low-level education, money-making, degree-providers and creators of unemployable and unskilled individuals unfit for working in the industry.


Moreover, pursuing BTECH became a trend, largely because of herd-mentality and a common mindset of people who consider science and its related streams superior than any other stream. Because of this many students willingly or unwillingly end up in engineering colleges every year. Also, students fail to develop or recognize their field of interest during school-years due to lack of guidance or ignorance. Sometimes this is also the result of parental pressures who want their child to become an engineer whether their child has the aptitude, choice or not for engineering courses.

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