Ban on RO Systems ?

Ban on RO systems?

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Ban on RO System

  • The Environment Ministry on Monday has published a draft notification which seeks to ban RO (  Reverse-Osmosis) water purifiers in areas where tap water meets certain demands. These demands are set according to BIS ( Bureau of Indian Standard) that makes 500 mg/l – 1200 mg/l salt acceptable in water. However, there is no lower limit to this. BIS is also in line with the international standards.

  • According to NGT, the total dissolved salts (TDS) must be less than 500mg/l. This move has been taken as NGT ( National Green Tribunal) had ordered so because RO purifiers waste a lot of water in the purification process.

  • The NGT had also asked the ministry to instruct the manufacturers to formulate a system to recover at least 60% of the treated water.

  •  These purifiers, though lessen the excessive salts often deprive the consumers of essential salts. In other cases, they cannot filter out the harmful chemicals too.

  • It can be expected that after the final law is made, RO manufacturers will have to incorporate changes in line with the BIS and CPCB ( Central Pollution Control Board) consultations.

  • However, this is only a draft notification and the final notification is still awaited.

Ban on RO System: The final notification will be released after seeking public comments and inputs from manufacturers and stakeholders.

  • The draft also mentions the provisions for discarding polymer-membrane under the Plastic Waste Management Rules of 2016. It also regulates the activities of the manufacturers according to water conservation regulations.

  • However, the Delhi Jal Board has maintained that the water supplied under them meets the BIS norms.

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