Brand India as a soft power | MS. Preity Upala | CSTV

Soft power, is the ability to exert influence with cultural and human capital rather than military might.
It can mean promoting a country through cuisine, its people, public diplomacy, art and culture, performing arts, yoga, craft and design, cinema, Ayurveda, education, spirituality, tourism, language and literature and more.
Although India has exerted this kind of influence since long before it was called soft power through its practices of Ayurveda, yoga, culture, food Bollywood and so many other things, people outside of India view the country as low on many attributes that contribute to soft power.

MS. Preity Upala who is an ex investment banker, a Hollywood producer, Geo political expert, Miss India, WEF speaker and a heterodox polyglot sharing her insights on Brand India and answering several questions like current standing of India as a soft power in the world and so on..