Brazil India Relations | Part-II | K. Siddhartha Sir | Ensemble IAS Academy

India Brazil Relations | Part-II | K. Siddhartha Sir | Ensemble IAS Academy

Brazil India :Visit of President Bolsonaro in India. How will this visit affect India-Brazil Relations
Why this visit, What are the new strategic aspects of the visit of Brazil President, what are the similarities between India and Brazil, what potential does relations hold?

Renowned Strategic Thinker , Educationist, Earth Scientist and Former Adviser to various governments around the world Shri K. Siddhartha ( gives us the knowledge about the Relations, and clear all our queries on this.

India – Brazil relations refers to the bilateral relations between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of India.

One of the major sources of tension between the two nations was the decolonisation process of the Portuguese enclaves in India, principally Goa. Despite pressure from India on Portugal to retreat from the subcontinent, Brazil supported Portugal’s claim for Goa. Brazil only changed course in 1961, when it became increasingly clear that India would succeed in taking control of Goa by force from an increasingly feeble Portugal, which faced too many internal problems to pose a potent military threat to India. Still, when Jawaharlal Nehru’s armies overwhelmed Portuguese resistance and occupied Goa, the Brazilian government criticised India sharply for violating international law. While Brazil tried to explain to India that its position was to be understood in the context of a long tradition of friendship between Brazil and Portugal, the Indian government was deeply disappointed that Brazil, a democratic former colony, would support a non-democratic Portugal against democratic and recently independent India.

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