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Visit of President Bolsonaro in India. How will this visit affect Relations

Why this visit, What are the new strategic aspects of the visit of Brazil President, what are the similarities between India and Brazil, what potential does relations hold?

Bolsonaro Visit Renowned Strategic Thinker , Educationist, Earth Scientist and Former Adviser to various governments around the world Shri K. Siddhartha ( gives us the knowledge about the Relations, and clear all our queries on this.

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Bolsonaro Visit refers to the bilateral relations between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of India.

There is plenty of room for cooperation between India and Brazil. For example, upgrading of Strategic Partnership Action Plan, along with the Bilateral Investment treaty, a Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement (MLAT) on crime, agreements on double taxation avoidance, bio-energy or ethanol production, cybersecurity, health, mining, oil and gas exploration and investment, and animal husbandry.

Operationalisation of Social Security Agreement (SSA) signed between Brazil and India in March 2017, will allow investments in each other’s pension funds, to help business processes and encourage the flow of investment.

Brazil is considered to have the oldest, most advanced and efficient ethanol programs in the world. At a time when India imports crude oil for around 4 million barrels per day, the alternate use of energy is the need of the hour.

India can collaborate with Brazil and ethanol substitution of fossil fuels to meet its energy needs.

The issues of health, universal education, infrastructure needs to be addressed. With the cooperation of IBSA and BRICS as major platforms, India and Brazil can come up with plans to deal with these issues.

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