Budget 2020 : Five Museums to be Developed

Five museums to be developed : Budget 2020

The Finance Minister recently announced in her budget speech that five new museums will be developed at the following sites – Rakhigarhi (Haryana), Hastinapur (Uttar Pradesh) Shivsagar (Assam), Dholavira (Gujarat) and Adichanallur (Tamil Nadu). This move will add towards cultural enrichment, recognition, development of these areas. It will also help in the conservation of these ancient sites.

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  • Rakhigarhi – It is an ancient settlement believed to be before the time of indus-valley civilisation. Rakhigarhi is a village in Hisar, Haryana. It is dated to be about 6500 BCE. it is also believed to be a part of the later indus valley civilisation. Excavations have found various items such as terracotta jewellery, drainage system, etc and recently skeletons. The recent skeleton discovery surprised everyone as the gene has no Aryan traces as it was previously thought. It has caught the attention of archeologists worldwide due to its size which is about 500 hectares. It is also among the 10 heritage sites declared to be endangered in Asia by the Global Heritage Fund.

  • Hastinapur – Hastinapur is a city in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. Hastinapur is an important site historically as well as per hindu beliefs. Hastinapur finds mention extensively in Hindu epic of Mahabharata. It was the capital of the Kuru Kingdom of Kauravas. No building remains like temples are left now but excavations carried out in 1950s found painted grey ware, iron and copper utensils, weapons, drainage system, paved roads, etc.

  • Shiv Sagar – Shiv Sagar  is a city in Assam. It was the capital of Ahoms from 1699 to 1788. Earlier, it was known as Rangpur. The Ahoms kings ruled the site for 600 years. It was the centre of cultural and political activities during that time. Several monuments such as Rang Ghar, Talatal Ghar, etc. were built by Ahoms and are intended to be developed by the government under this plan.

  • Dholavira – Dholavira is an archaeological site in Bhachau taluka of Kutch district in Gujarat. It is an indus valley civilisation site. It was occupied around 2650 BCE. It is believed to be a grand city of those times. It was discovered in 1967 by ASI. excavations have revealed terracotta ornaments, buildings, walls, gates, reservoirs, animal bones, gold ornaments, seal making, etc.

  • Adichanallur – Adichanallur is an archaeological site in Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi district. It is dated around 905 BC and 696 BC. it is an important site for Tamils and their civilisation. Several skeletons have been excavated in urns. Around 169 clay urns containing skeletons were found which when dated found to be of 3800 BCE. Coins, terracotta products, weapons, urns with Tamil Brahmi Script are among several items that have been found.

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