Frank Hoogerbeets, a researcher with Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS) that studies seismic activity, predicted that sooner or later, there would be a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the region around South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon The impact of earthquakes can be reduced and managed either by early prediction or modification of the earthquakes.
Early-warning of earthquakes could save thousands of lives. It is far harder to predict the time and location of earthquakes than of volcanic eruptions.
Earthquake prediction is not yet very advanced, although some signs have been recognised.
• The rocks swell as small cracks open up in them;
• The ground indication changes;
• The pattern of occurrence of small earthquakes changes;
• As the rocks are strained their physical properties and the magnetic field also change;
• Change in velocity of seismic waves near quake area;
• Rocks undergo increase in volume of granular materials (dilatancy) before failure;
• Radon gas is released from cracked rocks into the ground and soil;
• Water levels in wells may rise or fall;
• Animals may act strangely;
• Weak foreshocks may be recorded by seismometers;
• Long periods with little seismic activity;
• Lights may appear in the sky, either a broad glow or sudden flashes.
• Batteries of instruments are used to measure these effects in places like USA, but not every country has the scientists or money for such intensive studies.
Earthquakes can be modified in a variety of ways. One such method is– rather than letting strain accumulate to store energy to be subsequently released in a major destructive earthquake, it may be possible by fluid injection to reduce the frictional resistance to faulting and release the strain accumulation with a number of smaller shocks. This has been demonstrated in Denver.

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