Can the current image of police be used for Police Reforms?| CSTV

Post COVID-19 Pandemic a new image of Police has come into picture, People has started appreciating there work.
Sri B.L. Vohra, IPS, Former DGP, Tripura has been discussing on the new image of police and how it can be used to bring forward the Police Reforms.
This is the need of the hour as India is still following the Police Act of 1861.
The questions that could be raised on Police Reforms and play a significant role in upcoming UPSC , CSE examination are as follows:

1. Indian police has played a significant role in the COVID-19 era, which lead to its appreciation and consideration of its work.How can this images be utilised to bring about the reform in the police act of 1861?

2. Indian police has faced the wrath of people during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown which puts a question on the image of police and its role in the Indian society. What are the compulsions that the police force faces. Suggest recommendations?

3. What is the need for introducing the reforms in the Police Act of 1861. How will this lead to greater autonomy ?

4.The coronavirus pandemic lockdown has raised the issue of reforms in the police act of 1861. What are the hindrances in the implementation of Police Reforms as directed by Supreme Court?