Global Law Conference on Climate Change with K. Siddhartha

GLC Conference – Technical Session on Climate Change India’s First Global Law Conference at Chandigarh University.

Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. It is a major aspect of climate change, and has been demonstrated by direct temperature measurements and by measurements of various effects of the warming.

#Environment is degrading every now and then. Harmful gases are decreasing the quality of air we breathe. However, the harsh truth is that a huge part of the population is not aware of the issue. #ChandigarhUniversity has always been contributing in different ways to slow down #climatechange and spread awareness. In that context, we are organizing #GlobalLawConference on “#EnvironmentalLaw: Challenges and Solutions” from 16th to 17th November, 2019. The event would be graced by benign presence of various eminent personalities; Chief Justices, Senior Judges from #SupremeCourt & #HighCourt of 7 different countries.

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