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The forest officials of various districts of western UP have submitted their plans for the preparation of the draft of an integrated management plan for the Upper Ganga Ramsar site, spread over 85km stretch from Brijghat in Hapur to Narora in Bulandshahr. The plan is proposed for 5years and will largely benefit the Gangetic Dolphins, Ghariyal and other aquatic species.The preparation of the plan is under way of the directions of the Union Environment Ministry, the Ramsar site in the upper Ganges region is one of the sites selected across the country to have such a plan.
The 85km stretch was declared in Ramsar site in 2005 and is home to the Gangetic dolphin, whose figures as per a survey conducted by the UP forest department and World Wide Fund for Nature-India (WWF-India) are 33 in 2018, as against 22 in 2015.The 4 districts through which the Ramsar site passes Hapur, Amroha, Sambhal and Bulandshahr. The stretch also saw the release of 788 ghariyals between 2009 and 2019 in order to replenish their numbers.
WWF-India has been roped in as knowledge partner as the agency is already taking up dolphin conservation and other measures at the Ramsar site.
And more explained by Shri. K Siddhartha in this video.