Geography Optional-2021 | Introduction and Strategy | Part-2 | Discussion | By K. Siddhartha Sir

This video is prepared by Chief Mentor K. Siddhartha who has been a mentor to 1553 selected Civil Servants with Geography Optional who are serving throughout the country.

Students find it difficult to choose option for civil services. In this video we will guide you to choose an optional and explain the various reasons why one should choose Geography as an optional.

The following reasons are described for choosing Geography as an optional.
It has high degree of objectivity compared to other Social science subjects ,this will lead to the less contradiction in answers written by students with the model answer provided to the examiner.

Geography subject is very contemporary as many topics related to it like agriculture transport ,trade ,infrastructure , regional planning etc. So we can always give a contemporary look to the answers and there are chances that question related to current affairs can be asked and while preparing for civil services we do prepare for the current affairs and this will also help in writing geography optional answers.

Geography is a multidimensional subject which cover areas from economics like trade infrastructure ,disaster management ,environment , society like population, urbanisation. So while studying geography you cover your major part of general studies in mains for paper 1 and paper 3.
In addition to that the mapping part and geography portion of prelims is covered. At the same time the essay related to the environment theme are very well substantiated by Geography optional aspirants.

In this video the syllabus of the geography optional is also explained in detail and the syllabus is decoded section wise and the strategy is given how to deal with the different sections of the syllabus.