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Study of Population Geography the Population Policy has to be understood. The social and economic impact of population growth has been influenced by Population Policies dirt of the government. In all the countries of the world Governments have adopted certain population policies which is essential for population planning to influence population size, growth and distribution.
This is an important topic for aspirants of UPSC for Geography Optional.

A population policy is a set of measures taken by a State to modify the way its population is changing, either by promoting large families or immigration to increase its size, or by encouraging limitation of births to decrease it.

Well-designed government policies are critical for implementing the Programme of Action of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Population Division monitors government views and policies concerning a range of population issues, including population size and growth, population distribution by age, fertility and marriage, reproductive health and family planning, health and mortality, spatial distribution and urbanisation, and internal and international migration.

The Population Division has conducted the United Nations Inquiry among Governments on Population and Development since 1963. The Division updates the data set World Population Policies on a regular basis.

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