Heat Stress How to Mitigate it?

What is the human tolerance level for Heat?

Recent high temperature over the #indian #cities have led to unbearable hot conditions and heat stress.

Heat stress is a series of conditions that occur when the body overheats and can’t regulate its internal temperature. It can be caused by air #temperature, #humidity and not to talk about the worldwide #globalwarming.

To #mitigate these conditions we must play judiciously with our age old traditional methods blended with nature as well as modifying technology to save the humanity from this #heatstress #crisis.

Heatstress happens when the body’s way of controlling its internal temperature starts to fail. As well as air temperature, factors such as work rate, humidity and work clothing may lead to heat stress. You and your workers must be aware of how to work safely in high temperatures.

The primary treatment for heat exhaustion is to rest in a shady spot or, better, an air-conditioned room, and to drink cool (not icy) fluids. You can lower core body temperature by immersing yourself in cold water or spraying yourself with cold water and fanning.

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