A sweltering heat wave that has settled over western Canada for several days.

The temperature has reached a record 49.5 degrees Celsius.

One of the hottest cities on the continent were Salem, Oregon, about 45 miles southwest of Portland, where the high temperature reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Canada broke a national heat record on Sunday when the temperature in a small town in British Columbia reached almost 116 degrees, breaking an 84-year-old record by nearly 3 degrees.

The Northeast, under a separate weather system from the Northwest, is also in the middle of a three-day heat wave Boston reached 43 degrees on Monday, tying its record for that date.

The heat in Russian cities and provinces this summer is literally on a record-breaking spree. When the temperature on June 23 touched 34.8 degrees Celsius, it set the record for the hottest June day since 1901. Not only that, last Tuesday saw Moscow clocking its hottest June 22 in more than 120 years while the previous day was the Russian capital’s hottest June 21 since 1956.

There is an abnormally high number of wildfires in Siberia this June, and parts of the northern regions are recording temperatures more than 15 degrees Celsius hotter than normal.

As the mercury zooms in eastern Europe, countries like Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, etc. are registering temperatures of up to 41 degrees Celsius.

To put that into perspective, Indian cities like Patna in Bihar and Udaipur in Rajasthan recorded temperatures of 33 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

The ongoing heat wave affecting the northwestern United States and adjacent Canada is because of a combination of weather effects and climate-driven warming.

the Arctic is warming more than twice as fast as the global average.

The difference in the temperatures of the sea surface between the western and eastern Indian Ocean hit a record high. That in turn, “supercharged” the jet stream and caused “low pressure and extreme late winter warmth over Eurasia”, spilling into spring and reducing “ice and snow cover”. The domino effect of these weather developments finally changed the “amount of solar energy absorbed by land and sea”.

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