India and Argentina Relationship.

India and Argentina Relationship. A conversation between HE Dr. Daniel Chuburu – Ambassador of Argentina in India, with Sri K.Siddhartha and Naveen Sharma.

India and Argentina despite being separated by a massive distance have a lot in common. This is in terms of geography, economy, sharing of future and now strategic as well.
India and Argentina have had relations since decades which can be noted since 1943 when India established Trade Commission in Buenos Aires. We find that there is a lot of potential between the relationship of the two countries which needs to be strengthened. We have political as well as economic ties between both of them which needs to be realised and enhanced in future. They have supported and worked together in an International forum like in The United Nations, G77 etc. We need to focus on having trade ties encouraged more and more. Where India has a major headstand in high tech and industrial goals, Argentina compliments it with a strong agricultural base.
This is an enlightening discussion between HE Dr. Daniel Chuburu, Sri K. Siddhartha, noted strategic thinker and moderated by Sri Naveen Sharma.