India China Maintaining a Balance

India and China: In the larger context despite having differences on both legacy and contemporary issues the two countries have been able to maintain a reasonable balance and avoided differences becoming into disputes.

There is a realistic appraisal of the potential by both sides in terms of extension of power thus a pull back is evident from the edge from time to time, be it in the case of the Doklam incident of 2017 or a number of standoffs on the India China Line of Actual Control (LAC) from time to time.

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That not a single shot has been fired by both sides after 1967 on the LAC or the McMahon Line is an indicator of avoiding a military clash. This is also borne by the history of no conflict between the two large states over the millennium despite sharing a border. For instance an understanding on coordinated patrolling at Fish Tail in Arunachal Pradesh that would prevent patrol sightings generated into inadvertent clashes by providing tactical guidelines to the forward troops.

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A strong commitment to multilateralism is another factor that has led to India and China being a part of many diverse groupings be it the BRICS, the SCO or RIC. Above all maintenance of strategic communication between the top leadership as evidenced from the first informal summit in Wuhan and the second in Mamallapuram near Chennai.

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