Alert : Sea Level is Rising in India

Indian sea level Increased at 8.5cm in last five decade

In the last five decades, the sea level on the Indian coast has increased by 8.5 cm. This information was given by Union Government in Rajya Sabha reply to a question. It is believed that the sea level on the Indian coast rises by an average of 1.70 mm every year. Thus, in the last 50 years, the sea level on the Indian coast has risen 8.5 cm.

The data has been taken from the satellite and other means, which shows that the water level in the northern Indian Ocean has increased. During the decade 2003 to 2013, the water level in this ocean has increased by 6.1 mm annually.

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The rise in sea water level may increase the risk of submergence of low-lying areas during tsunami, storm, coastal flooding and erosion of the coastline. Due to the rise in the level of seawater, there is an urgent need to evaluate the issue of coastal areas. There is a high risk of submergence due to large land subdivision in the Diamond Harbor area. A similar situation exists in Port Blair, Haldia and Kandla ports.

A report released by the United Nations Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change describes the risks of sea level rise. If the carbon emissions are not banned, the report suggests that by 2100, the global sea level will rise so much that hundreds of cities including Mumbai and Kolkata can be submerged. Also, due to rise in sea level, entire country can be submerged at some places.

Due to non-availability of long term data, the fixed rate of rise in sea water level due to climate change cannot be stated. India contributes only 6-7 percent of the global emissions but India is one of the most sensitive countries.

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 It can be said that we should portray climate change as a universal problem. We need to keep the issue of climate change and global warming at the top level in our national and foreign policy agenda. India should not view climate change program as a single technology change. Instead, challenges such as unemployment, energy and pollution must be considered at the same time.

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