India-US Relationship 2019- A overview

With India-US signing an important agreement on the transfer of defence technology, and after the election in May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump held a record four meetings with each other.

In 2019 itself, the strategic partnership between these two democratic countries grew rapidly.

 ‘Two plus Two’ meeting

  • The strength of the strategic partnership was reflected in a joint statement issued by India and the US at the end of the second ‘Two Plus Two’ talks at the end of the year. This is definitely an important event of the year 2019.
  • At the second ‘two plus two’ meeting in December in Washington, India-US signed the transfer of technology. Defence and Foreign Ministers of both countries took part in this meeting.

It is comforting for Trump to see all relations from a business point of view, that bilateral trade also accelerated and the projected data shows that it is expected in the coming year the trade deficit will reduce.

In the past year, India signed billions of dollars purchase from the US. This includes

  • State-of-the-art military equipment,
  • Started the military exercise ‘Tiger Triumph’, a partnership of the three wings of the Army and
  • Accelerated the pace of defense technology and trade initiatives. This military exercise will be held every year.

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Relation in Indian Pacific

Co-operation between India-US reached new heights in the Indian Pacific.

Both countries are working closely with other like-minded partners in the Indian Pacific region to ensure that there is freedom of navigation and peace in this resource-rich region.

China is busy spreading its foot in this area.

America is happy that even though India was initially reluctant, but now it is helping to institutionalize the informal consultation mechanism “Quad”. The other two countries in it are Japan and Australia.

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America also supported India’s stand on Maldives that no third country should interfere in its internal affairs.

Fight against Terrorism

This year there was unexpected co-operation between the two countries on the fight against terrorism.

When 40 security personnel were killed in the brutal terrorist attack in Pulwama in February, the US was the first country to say that India has the right to self-defense.

Even when India was in the midst of a general election, the US, along with its allies like Britain and France, ensured that China removes the veto blocking the United Nations Security Council from declaring Jaish-e-Mohammed as a global terrorist.

Although the US expressed concern over the internet ban in Kashmir, the imprisonment of politicians, but it refused to keep India with non-democratic countries in this regard.

‘Howdy Modi’

‘Howdy Modi’ was a historic event where Trump along with Modi also addressed about 50,000 Americans of Indian origin brought new warmness in Indo-US relationship . 

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